The gypsy boy

Author: mandy

Aaron was walking back to the travellers site very pleased with himself he had just been cleared of theft at the local magistrates court, he knew the local residents would not be happy but he did not care. Aaron took a short cut across the waste ground as he approached the derelict house he saw Kerry a local 18 year old mouthy bitch, Aaron waited for the normal abuse and was surprised when none came, he looked at Kerry and got a surprise she was stood there with her school blouse unbuttoned her skimpy bra just covering her boobs, he looked hardly believing what he was seeing he moved closer and when Kerry made no attempt to cover up he said ” what no mouth today” sweet teen girlKerry replied ” I heard you got a big cock if you want mouth I will give you mouth” as she did she rubbed the front of Aarons jeans feeling the massive bulge” Aron reached out pulled the front clip of Kerry’s bra open letting her ample boobs fall free which he started to gently massage, he felt Kerry undoing his jeans and when his dick sprung out he heard Kerry say ” fucking hell that cock is massive it must be at least 10 inches” Kerry went on her knees and started sucking on Aarons massive member, after a couple of minutes Aaron pulled Kerry to her feet reached down unzipping her tight skirt letting it fall to the ground removed her panties and lay her on an old table knelt down and started licking her unshaved moist love tunnel, after a couple of minutes he stood and slowly inserted his dick into the waiting love tunnel pushing all the way in till he could go no further causing Kerry to yell out with pleasure, he started pushing in and out slowly going in harder and deeper with each thrust as he ponded away he pinched Kerry’s fully erect nipples making her moan with pleasure, after 5 minutes he felt Kerry gush as she climaxed as she did he saw Kim stood watching her skirt raised and rubbing her pussy, Aaron smiled pulled of Kerry and went to Kim picked her up stripped her naked put her beside Kerry and was soon pounding away in her  year old virgin pussy making her moan and groan it was not long before Kim climaxed, both girls lay exhausted on the table. Aaron did his jeans up looked at the girls said ” you ever want fucking again just call me” and flicked a card with his number on it on to the girls before walking out the derelict house.

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