the future

Author: mandy

The year was 3010 the world was recovering from endless riots that had toppled many governments and new governments put into power. England was no different, the new government had brought in new laws and punishments to combat crime.
It was 10 in the morning 17 year old Steve was in the kitchen with his girlfriend 16 year old Sara his stepsister 10 year Mandy was sat at the table along with her other step brother 12 year old Mark, their mum was cooking breakfast when there was a knock on the door, Mandy’s mum opened the door and 6 burly men walked in they were all wearing the dreaded uniform of the English Correction Force, Steve said “what the fuck is going on” his mum replied I have had enough you and your bullying and stealing so I called them she then looked at Sara and told her mum had agreed to her being controlled. The guards quickly put the two teens in handcuffs and neck collars. Steve looked pleaded with his mum to change her mind. His mum looked at the guards said carry on. The guard produce a sharp knife and cut Steve’s shirt off then removed his shoes and socks before cutting his jeans and underwear away, Mandy was staring in awe at her naked stepbrother seeing his 7 inch hairy dick for the first time, Sara was soon in cuffs and collar standing naked, Mark was smiling broadly looking at her ample boobs and hairless pussy his dick grew hard inside his trousers, Mandy was given an injection by the guards as was Steve. Mandy watched as Steve’s dick grew and stood up solid at 9 inches, Steve knew what the injection was and that no matter what his dick would remain solid for 4 hours, he looked at Sara and saw her very erect nipples, The Guard looked at Mandy and Mark and said ” you have 10 minutes” Mark was soon rubbing Sara’s boobs and pussy while Mandy was stroking Steve’s dick, at his request Sara was laid on the table Mark undid his trousers letting his 4 inch dick spring out Mandy looked at it smiled and carried on stroking Steve’s dick as Mark mounted Sara he heard Steve cry out stop her or I will shoot my spunk Mandy carried on stroking and saw the white cream shoot from Steve’s dick in 4 spurts, Mark was now pounding into Sara’s moist pussy, the head guard said OK time up, Mark and Mandy stood back and Steve and Sara were led out of the house still naked where all the neighbours were waiting, shouts and cheers went up as Steve and Mandy were locked in the stocks in the town centre.

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