The Farm

Author: Steve

The characters in this fictional story are Mandy 16 years old, Kim 14 years, Sara 12. July 10. Simon 17.

Simon was working in the cow shed when he heard voices, he looked out and saw the 4 girls walking through the farm, he knew the girls were sisters and trouble makers from the town. Simon watched the girls knowing his parents were away and that he was on his own and hoped the girls did not see him. The girls went into the pig goat shed, Simon crept over to the wall looked through a hole in the boards and saw Mandy sitting on rails smoking, one of the goats got a bit of Mandy’s skirt that was hanging free. Simon saw Mandy fall backwards landing in the pen that held about 200 goats he heard Mandy scream ” get the fucking things away from ” the other 3 girls started to climb over the rails he knew they were going over the bar that swung inwards, the bar swung and the girls fell to the ground among the goats, Simon heard Mandy yell my jumper it’s chewing my jumper followed by it’s ripping, he saw Kim being pulled by her hoody while other goats were pulling at her jeans, he saw Mandy get to her feet her top was gone her ample naked boobs on full view her skirt was also missing leaving her in a pair of skimpy panties, a goat jumped up on Mandy’s back knocking her to the floor, he looked and saw July was naked her chest flat, Kim had lost her jeans her pussy was on show like July Sara was naked her small budding breasts were being licked by a goat while other goats were licking her body he saw one licking her smooth pussy he looked back at Kim she to was naked her boobs being licked, Mandy was on her feet leaning on the rails also n naked her eyes were wide a goat had it’s front hoofs on the railing either side of her shoulders, Mandy’s boobs were swinging Simon realised the goat was screwing her, he saw both Sara and July on theirs backs with goats licking their bodies, Kim was on her hands and knees a goat behind her obviously screwing her, Simon watched things for awhile then went in got a shock stick and started chasing the goats into the back before shutting the doors so they could not get back out, he looked round all 4 girls were laying naked with erect nipples even July had erect nipples, Mandy was rubbing her pussy, Simon stood between her open legs undid his jeans letting his 8 inch erection spring out he knelt and was soon pounding away glad he had taken vigra, he looked up saw the other 3 girls stood rubbing their pussies as they watched. after a hour Simon stood looking down at 4 exhausted naked girls, he thought to himself that was the first time he had fucked 4 girls one after each other.

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