The cloud

Author: mandy

The rain had been falling non stop for three days. Roads were flooded making it almost impossible to move about. Most businesses had stayed closed because of flooding, the school was still open but most of the kids wished it was closed, the local river was overflowing, the pumps at the chemical factory were coping with the flood waters, that was the official statement released by the management of the factory but many local people suspected the pumps were not coping and when the alert sirens at the factory started to sound locals knew the pumps were not coping. A hour after the sirens had started to wail their warning there was a big explosion from the factory followed by a blue cloud of steam that settled on everything in the area. People started to panic. At the derelict cinema 14 year old Andy cowered under the seats as 16 year old Mark one of the local homophobic thugs yelled abuse at him while 12 year old Tony watched and laughed, Andy heard the explosion and saw the blue steam descend settling on things, the seats protected him from the steam but Mark and Tony were covered. Andy saw the eyes of both boys become glazed, then Tony said ” I’m fucking hot it’s boiling” Mark said ” fuck me to” Andy watched as Tony undid his shirt and take it off Mark followed him then said I’m ” still boiling” and removed his tracksuit trousers” when Tony did the same Andy was surprised to see he had no underwear on his small 2 inch dick on view and when Mark slid his underwear off revealing his 6 inch hairy dick Andy smiled broadly and smiled even more when Mark said ” I’m getting a fucking hard on” and watched as Mark’s 6 inch dick grew to a full 8 inch erection, Tony was supporting a full 4 inch erection, Andy felt his own dick go stiff and watched in amazement as both boys started to masturbate, Andy crawled out from under the seats stood and watched the unexpected show and said ” yes” when Mark said ” spunking up” and 5 spurts of white cream flew through the air from his dick, after a few minutes both boys had stopped masturbating but still had full erections. Andy saw 10 year old Cindy watching mouth wide open she said ” wow cool” walked over to Mark said ” I saw you wank” then felt his dick, there was no response from Mark, Cindy started to stroke Mark who just stood there, Andy watched smiling as he did, after a few minutes Mark groaned and 4 more spurts of cream flew through the air, Andy was in total amazement, he realised the blue steam had been chemical and was having this effect. Cindy walked off smiling. Andy went to Mark rubbed his bum then did the same to Tony. Went back to Mark and stroked his dick a few times before releasing his 6 inch erection from the confines of his trousers moving behind him and sliding his dick right up Marks tight bum and start to pound away getting no reaction from Mark.

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