The Clinic

Author: steve

Sara was sitting at the staff desk of the Bangladesh rehabilitation clinic watching the other staff getting ready to leave for the night, Sara had trained as a nurse and at 18 was on duty all night in the 20 bed unit housing teens with drink problems, the unit was a high level secure unit with each of the lads in a cell on their own, all that was in the cell was a bed fixed to the wall with a blanket attached to the bed, the part that Sara loved was that the lads were naked at all times, it was mostly Bengali lads but tonight there was 4 white British boys in one of who was 17 years old two was 16 years old the other had no age recorded. The day staff left Sara locked the door behind them check that the outer doors were locked checked the emergency system was working completed the paper work then started checking the cells. At the first cell Sara looked at 16 year old Abdul standing there naked and watched as his dick grew to a full erection, Sara checked other cells then saw the first white boy who was 17 called Mark she was disappointed to see his dick was only about 3 inches, she looked in at 16 year old Paul who was about 5 inches and shaved, when she looked in on 16 year old Steve she got a shock he was supporting a 8 inch hairy dick Sar..a smiled Steve said ” come in and suck my cock ” Sara watched as it started to grow and looked with awe as Steve’s dick stood up at about 10 inches, Sara looked in on the other boy and got a shock he was about 13 with a 6 inch erection Sara checked the rest of the cells then went back to her desk thinking off Steve and his massive dick, her thoughts were interrupted by the door buzzer she looked at the security screens and saw the 4 Bengali girls and thought they are going to love seeing the white boys, Sara opened the door letting the 4 girls in, Sara smiled said ” there are 4 white cocks in there” the girls squealed in delight, she looked at one young girl said to her ” there is a boy about your age in there and he has a hard on” Sara waited while the girls stripped naked then led them into the cell area and waited while the girls looked into the cells, after half a hour the girls came out Sara noticed the girls were all displaying very erect nipples. One of the girls looked at Sara and said
” your turn” Sara replied ” what you on about” the girl smiled said ” your turn to strip naked and go to the cells” Sara smiled and told the group that she don’t do that, the girls surrounded Sara who struggled while the girls tore at her clothes ripping them clean from her body leaving her naked, one girl yelled ” I got the keys ” and went back to the cells, Sara saw all the boys appear each one with full erections, one girl went to Sara slapped her round the face said ” Abdul is my boyfriend and you let any one gawk at him and the other boys now it is there time for fun” Soon Sara had been forced onto a table her body being groped by 20 horny boys she saw Steve standing between her open legs his monster dick inches away from her, a chant of ” fuck her fuck her fuck her ” started up , Sara screamed out as Steve pushed his dick deep into her and start to pound her Abdul slid his throbbing dick into Sara’s mouth, Sara heard a girl shout ” suck my boyfriend cock bitch and swallow his spunk” she heard a boy shout ” I want to fuck her bum” Sara knew it was going to be another 12 hours before day staff turned up and then it would be two girls who were 16 and 17 who the lads often talk about as it was a weekend it would be at least 48 hours before any male staff arrived.

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