The cafe

Author: mandy

The late night café was getting ready to close when the 3 girls walked in and asked for coffee before sitting at a table, 18 year old Abdul sent his younger brother home telling him to locked the shutters as he went, Abdul prepared the coffee’s watching the girls as he did, he knew all 3 girls were from the local estate and were 2 years younger than him, he slipped a couple of pills in each cup before giving the coffee to the girls, he dropped the blinds and watched as the girls drunk their coffees, he saw the pills were taking effect as pokies appeared in Kim’s blouse, then Sara had pokies in her jumper as did July, the girls asked for another coffee which Abdul willing supplied with each cup getting 2 more pills, after awhile Kim got up went through to the toilet, when she came out Abdul was putting rubbish out he looked at Kim said” you want anything special” Kim smiled replied ” what ” Abdul pointed at Kim’s pokies said ” looks like your ready for something” Kim said ” that’s because I aint wearing a bra” Abdul replied ” those nipples are well erect you need a cock” he reached forward and pinched the pokies causing Kim to gasp, he sad they are well stiff” Kim just looked at him, Abdul started to put his hand under Kim’s jumper and when he met teens with small tits and long hairno resistance pushed his hand right up cupping Kim’s naked boob he then lifted Kim’s jumper baring her boobs and sucked her nipples rubbing between her legs as he did, Kim started to moan softly, he heard the door open looked and saw both Sara and July stood there he turned his attention back to Kim undid her jeans pulled them down and started licking at the love hole now in front of him, he stood guide Kim into the office where he removed her jumper and jeans leaving her naked undid his jeans letting his 6 inch erection spring up and slowly eased right up Kim he looked at July and Sara said ” if you want some strip, he started pounding into Kim making her moan with pleasure he pounded as hard as he could stopping once to look at Sara and July who were both naked rubbing their love holes, Abdul felt Kim climax and after a minute pulled out and turned his attention to Sara just as the door opened and Abduls 2 mates walked in. 5 hours later Abdul was back at the counter his mates had gone, his 14 year cousin walked in with his mates, Abdul told his cousin to look in the office his cousin went with his mates, Abdul heard his cousin yell ” fucking hell look at those white tits” he heard another of the boys say ” its those nice cunts I’m looking at ” then there was quite Abdul looked in the office and saw the 3 girls being pounded by his cousin and his mates while 5 more watched with their dicks ready for action, he heard Kim say ” yes yes more” Sara was moaning saying ” fuck me hard” while July was saying ” don’t stop fuck me” Abdul knew each girl had had 4 pills that would keep them well horny for hours.

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