Author: mandy

The school was quiet the class of 12 year old Bengali girls were watching the white 16 year boys playing football there teacher had home early unwell, Suddenly it started to rain getting heavier all the time, the boys carried on playing unaware that their nylon shorts were clinging tightly to their bodies and had become transparent nor did they realise that the 10 Bengali girls were seeing there dicks, one girl said ” fucking hell look white cocks” another girl said I’m looking look at Steves it is massive” the girls watched spell bound, none had seen a white dick before but now they were seeing 6 white dicks and bums, the rain always made Steve horny and soon his dick was rock hard standing up in his shorts at 9 inches which the girls loved then 2 more boys got erections, Mark said ” fuck our shorts are see through the pakis can see our fucking cocks Paul said yeah you 3 got boners Adam said mine is going Tim said so is mine soon all 6 boys were erect, Adam said lets give them a real treat lets strip all boys did and walked naked with erections to the shower block, the girls were all wide eyed .Unbeknown to the boys 14 year old Colin the biggest camp boy in town was also watching loving every minute of it.

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