sold out

Author: steve

Mandy was standing in the main hall of the 5 story house owned by her parents she could hardly believe what she was hearing, her father had been gambling and had lost everything they owned at 17 she was now homeless and poor, the man who had won everything was a local shopkeeper he was stood with his 16 year old son and younger daughter looking at everything, Cindy Mandy’s younger sister was stood there she said ” we now work for them they own us” to which her mum just nodded, Carol the new owners daughter looked at Cindy said ” show me your room” as the 2 girls left Mark the son of the new owners looked at Mandy and told her to follow him and went to the main entrance on the porch Mandy saw that the kids from the local village had gathered outside, Mark had phoned round when he had had the news, Mark looked at Mandy said ” these are the kids that you been slagging off for years now your one of them poor” he looked Mandy up and down then said ” we now own everything including your clothes so take them off” Mandy turned ” Mark said ” here and now” Mandy looked said ” what” Mark repeated himself adding ” hurry up ” the crowd fell silent as Mandy started to undo the shoulder strings of her evening dress when it fell to the ground the kids yelled ” yes” Mark looked at Mandy’s naked boobs whistled said ” nice tits now get your panties off” Mandy did as told and stood naked, the kids were whistling and calling out.
Up in her room Cindy was looking at Carol hoping this was all a dream and that the lesbian stood in front of her would fade away, Carol looked smiled said ” get that robe off ” Cindy stood there said ” please don’t make” Carol said ” off now” Cindy undid the robe slid it off Carol looked smiled said ” oh yes the bitch is finally naked” Carol made Cindy flinch when she rubbed her rubbed her boobs and squeezed her nipples, Carol pushed Cindy onto the bed made her part her leg knelt down and started licking the hairless slit of the whimpering 15 year old, Cindy lay there with her eyes closed as the tongue pushed inside her and hands rubbed at her boobs, she felt her nipples stiffen, she started to feel warm and felt her juices start to flow and was surprised at how good it was feeling, Carol stood up stripped off her clothes got onto of Cindy and started rubbing her naked body against Cindy, When Carol kissed her she was surprised that Cindy kissed back, Carol inserted her fingers right up Cindy’s love tube and started to push in and out feeling the moisture on her fingers after a few minutes Cindy moaned out loud as she climaxed, Carol stood slid her jeans and tee shirt on and left the room, Cindy lay there surprised at how much she had enjoyed events. The door opened and a naked Mark entered his 8 inch erection standing up solid and throbbing he looked at Cindy said ” my turn and walked towards the bed”

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