Sister inlaw

Author: Bones211969

When I was 19 I had to pick susan my sister inlaw up from her xmas party as she was not a big drinker she was more then drunk after 5 hrs at party she was 6 yrs older then me she had a real nice body an all ways dressed very smart an she would come across as she was better then u she was wearing a short dress that had a split up the front. After I got her in the car her dress had raised up above her thigh an I could all most see her under pants which when I put in car I caught a good look at she had on white see thoug which I was shocked to notice she had a trimmed pussy hair on the way home she past out an I was just game to see if I could get a better look as it was a one hour drive I put my hand on her thigh an slowly moved it up higher to I was just at her panty an I got my first feel of her pussy though her pants an she woke up an she need for me to pull over so I did when I was stopped she got out off car an when to toilet an when she got back in I noticed her put her 0ants in her bag she was talking to me I could see her dress had reason up high on her again an I got a good look at her pussy hair she noticed me check her out an said nothing she soon past out again so I had another play with her pussy but I got caught this time as she said what u doing I just try to cover it up by saying nothing but she then said to me pull over so I did an she told me if we did any thing it would have to say between us she soon got her dress open an I fingered her an she was horny an wet her pussy was trimmed an she new how to use it

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