Rich and Poor

Author: Steve

The world had changed diversity had broken down, there was only the rich people and the poor people, the rich ruled and the poor suffered at the hands of the rich. There was a gang of chavs who fought against the rich and they were feared. A chav was a teenager who wore a hooded top track suite trousers called trackies training shoes called trainers and no under ware, they were lawless roamed in gangs and people avoided them if they could even the police stayed clear of them, it was only poor people who liked them. 12 year old Cindy a girl from a very rich family was walking home from the shops with her best friend Sally also 12 from a rich family as they rounded a bend Sally nudged Cindy said ” oh look it is a chav having a wee you can see his willy” Cindy looked and smiled when she saw the chav who she knew as Steve a 16 year old chav, he was standing with his trackies lowered at the front his 6 inch dick on full view, Sally turned said lets go back and ran, Cindy stood looking at Steve liking what she was seeing, Steve looked up saw Cindy put his dick away and said ” what you looking at bitch” walking towards Cindy as he spoke, Cindy replied ” you had your dick on show a girl is going to look” Steve was surprised at the response, he had expected Cindy to run but she was staying put, Steve felt his dick start to stiffen, Cindy noticed the bulge appear smiled said ” oh look a bulge you have an erection” Steve said ” your a cheeky bitch” Cindy smiled said ” and your the chav with an erection” Steve noted the pokies in Cindy’s tee shirt smiled lowered his trackies letting his now 8 inch erection spring up saying ” you want it” Cindy gasped stared at the erect dick in front of her said ” oh that is nice” Steve reached out rubbed the pokies in Cindy’s tee shirt when he got no resistance he lifted Cindy’s tee shirt exposing her naked budding boobs and started to rub them, Cindy did not stop him, Steve got her arm and took her into the bushes where with out resistance he stripped Cindy naked lay her on the ground and slid right up her moist pussy as he slid in Cindy gasped and was soon moaning as Steve started to pound away, Steve pushed in deep and hard making Cindy groan and breathe heavy, Steve felt her cum then shortly after pulled out and squirted up her stomach, Cindy lay there looking at Steve, then got up dressed said ” I better go but there is party at our house tonight some of the girls will go home drunk on their own” before walking off, on the road Cindy met Sally with a large group of boys, Cindy said ” has he gone I hid in the bushes” one of the boys replied that they had not seen him they all headed towards Cindy’s house.

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