Author: Steve

The big house was fairly quiet, 12 year old Kerry was on her own her parents were away for the night, the only other person in the house was 16 year old Steve who was a local lad using the swimming pool to practise, he was a hopeful for the Olympics. Kerry watched as Steve swam back and forth wishing he would go home so she could swim. Kerry thought to herself why did her parents allow the low life from the local estate use their pool. Kerry saw Steve pull himself out of the pool and saw his trunks had slipped at the back showing his bum, Steve walked to where his clothes were picked up his towel and started to dry with out adjusting his trunks, Steve took his trunks right off and carried on drying, Kerry thought typical of the uncouth lower class not caring who was present when changing, Steve turned Kerry was surprised to see Steve’s naked body and his 6 inch fat hairy dick. Steve looked at Kerry said ” what you looking at” Kerry replied ” that thing” Steve looked down then said ” you like it ” he felt his dick start to stiffen and made no attempt to hide it as it grew to a full 8 inch erection,
Kerry stared, Steve said ” bet you never seen a cock let alone a fucking hard one” Kerry said nothing just stared at Steve’s erection wondering what her friends would say, Steve walked towards Kerry saying ” what you need is a good fucking” he pulled the cords on Kerry’s gown and was surprised to see she was naked underneath it, he started to rub Kerry’s small boobs then slid his hand down and pushed a finger inside Kerry feeling how moist she was, Steve smiled said ” your ready for it” slid Kerry’s gown off her leaving her naked then started o suck on her erect nipples before kneeling down and start to lick Kerry’s very moist pussy pushing in as far as he could, Kerry was breathing heavy and offered no resistance when Steve lowered her to the tiled floor and slowly pushed his throbbing tool inside Kerry’s moist pussy pushing in as far as he could causing Kerry to scream out in pleasure, Steve started to push in and out slowly, gathering speed as he did, Kerry was breathing very heavy and moaning Steve pushed in deep and felt Kerry cum he pulled out and fired his load in long spurts over Kelly’s body before lying on the floor beside her. After 5 minutes or so Kerry got up went to the shower Steve swam a few more lengths of the pool before dressing. Kerry returned to the pool dressed, Steve looked at her said ” I wanted to fuck you for ages, you were nice and tight a good little fuck ” Steve left, Kerry locked the door behind him went to her room hardly believing she had let a local boy take her cherry but hoped he would repeat the performance again.

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