pizza boy

Author: mandy

Mark was delivering a pizza to a flat in the tower block, the shop owners knew that at 12 Mark was to young to work but ran the risk of being prosecuted and let Mark work on a Saturday afternoon. Mark arrived at the block and headed to the 10th floor, he knew that 16 year old Kelly a member of a local gang lived in the flat he was delivering to he also knew she had a bad reputation. Mark rang the door bell, he heard footsteps from inside then heard Kelly’s friend Sara shout ” hey it aint Simon it’s his little brother Mark” Kelly shouted back ” I don’t give a fuck I am starving let him in” the door opened and Mark gasped in surprise there was 16 year old Sara in just skimpy bra and panties, Sara said ” come on in squirt” Mark went, he followed Sara to the lounge admiring her nearly naked bum, Sara said ” Kelly will be down in a minute” Kelly reached behind her back and Mark’s eyes went wide when Sara’s bra fell to the floor revealing her naked boobs, Mark’s eyes went wider when Sara removed her panties standing naked, Mark looked on in disbelieve, he heard a noise turned and saw Kelly who was also naked, Mark now knew what his boss had meant by telling him he would be paid in kind, Sara sat on the sofa with her legs parted Mark stared at her shaved love tube and when Kelly sat down parting her legs Mark thought he was dreaming Sara looked said come on then start playing with us, Mark was soon rubbing Sara’s naked boobs only to stop to play with Kelly’s boobs, he then inserted a finger into both girls and started to finger both girls, he could feel the wetness of Sara and saw her nipples were erect, the girls were eating the pizza, after 10 minutes Mark had been playing with both girls and had sucked their boobs glad he had watched porn film and knew what to do, the girls finished eating, Kelly said ” ok times up” Kelly got up went upstairs Sara put her clothes on and showed Mark out. Mark walked down the landing hardly believing he had just been playing with 2 naked 16 year old girls. Later that night Mark was in the deserted playground when Sara appeared, she went to Mark warned him not to tell what had happened, Mark told her he would say nothing, Sara knelt down pulled Mark’s joggers back said ” nice cock” and started to suck it, Mark was well happy and after a few minutes dry cum , Sara stood up said ” you got a cute cock for a small boy” and walked off, Mark was well happy he had just been sucked off by a girl much older than himself.

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