My friends Munchkin mom 2

Author: Jason

By 19 I was at a State University playing basketball and at 7’7″ I was a force to be reckoned with. I wasn’t a great player but my height made up most of the difference. After a game away in another part of the State I was taking pictures with some people and felt my leg being hugged. I looked way down and there was Manny’s mom. She was wearing her usual high heels but even then I could tell she was the same height as about my cock. She lifted her arms up to give me a hug.

I immediately lifted her up. I couldn’t believe how tiny she felt in my arms. I then held her like a child and we talked until I had to get going. We decided she would meet me the next time we played that same school and we could spend some time together. I loved holding her in my arms. It was a childhood dream come true.

Next time I was in her part of the State she invited me over for dinner. The dinner was great but the love was better. I’m not usually a power type guy but she was so submissive it felt great. She let me put her in whatever position I wanted to do. Most of them involved her little legs dangling in the air while I positioned her body to my pleasure. She was loving it too.

I would hold her while we were not having sex. She would curl up in my lap at let me just love on her stroking her legs and body and hair the whole time she was in my lap. I told her it was a childhood fantasy lived. She told me it was so therapeutic to just be held and taken care of. It was the most safe she had ever felt she told me. She said it was so strange to think I was the age of her child but looked like a child next to me. We knew we couldn’t make our relationship known but we enjoyed many times together.

This experience gave me the courage to go see the 5’9″ blonde teacher I hadn’t seen in a few years. It was after school when the kids had gone home and she was very surprised to be looking straight at my stomach. Even shorter when she took off her heels. I picked her up for a hug and she wrapped her little nylon clad legs around my body. The rest is history

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