lawless estate

Author: Steve

The estate was quiet, only residents of the estate ventured onto the estate, it was known as the lawless estate, on the estate the residents stuck together and supported each other, but there were some residents who were feared by their fellow residents 16 year old Kim was one resident who was well feared even boys were scared of her.
Kim was sat on a swing in the kids play park when 12 year old Karen a new girl on the estate appeared, the other kids in the play park went quiet when Karen yelled out ” Oi you fucking bitch you beat my brother up” Kim got of the swing faced Karen laughed said ” yeah what you going to do about it shit head” and threw a punch at Karen, those watching were surprised when Karen ducked the punch and landed a punch of her own in Kim’s stomach winding her, the watchers were more surprised when Karen followed her puch up with two hard kicks to Kim’s knees which knocked her to her knees, Karen then kicked Kim in the face causing her to fall back onto her back, Karen sat astride Kim’s body and delivered a punches to her face, Kim was well dazed the onlookers watching in disbelieve as Karen overpowered one of the biggest thugs on the estate. Karen looked round the watching crowd then said ” show time” grabbed Kim’s tee shirt and pulled hard, the flimsy material ripped with force coming away in Karen’s hands, Kim was to dazed to realise that she was top less except for her blue bra. Karen yelled show time grabbed Kim’s bra pulled hard it tore away leaving Kim’s very ample boobs on full view, somebody in the crowd shouted jeans off, the rest then started chanting jeans off jeans off, Karen smiled reached behind her undid Kim’s jeans stood bent forward and pulled Kim’s jeans and panties down and off leaving her naked except for her shoes which were next to go, Karen said ” fuck with my family you fuck with me fuck with me lookout” the crowd were looking at the naked body of Kim knowing she was now a nobody, Karen said have fun” and sat on a swing and watched as Kim got groped by the crowd, after half a hour the crowd started to leave until there were only a few boys left, Karen looked at the boys then said ” fuck the bitch” and watched as 4 boys took turns in fucking Kim.

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