last days

Author: Steve

July was walking through the town she had been born in 16 years ago knowing that in the morning her 12 year old sister Sara her parents and herself would be flying to Australia to live. July walked to the local park which she see was surprised to see was deserted, July sat on the swing and gently swung to and fro. After sitting on the swing for 20 minutes July saw 13 year old Mark enter the park, July knew he was a mouthy sod and had a reputation for being violent, Mark sat on the bottom of the slide looked at July his eyes went wide and he said ” fucking hell bitch you ain’t got knickers on I can see your cunt ” July just sat there smiled said ” I ain’t wearing a bra either” Mark said “what” July lifted her top letting her ample boobs fall free, Mark just stared, July got up walked over to the park keepers hut looking back as she did, Mark got up of the slide adjusted the bulge in his shorts caused by his erection and went to the park keepers hut as he went round the back of the hut he saw July standing there naked he looked at her taking in the sight of her body said ” fucking hell” went over to July and started rubbing her boobs, July reached down slid her hand inside Mark’s shorts and held his 4 inch erection then knelt down pulled Mark’s shorts down and took his penis into her mouth and started to suck, Mark could hardly believe what was happening but was enjoying it, after a few minutes Mark came in 3 spurts which July swallowed. After his legs had stopped shaking Mark pulled his shorts up, July dressed walked away and headed towards town.

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