just watching

Author: steve

Mia was sat in her dads office in the gym where he was caretaker, the light bulb had fused so the office was in darkness, Mia looked at her sleeping sister wondered how she could sleep so much. Mia heard a noise looked out and saw 4 boys she knew them all from the local estate they were all 16 years old. Mark, Steve. Billy and Andrew she knew they were all members of a street gang and were racist, Mark yelled out ” shut that fucking door” Steve did as Mark requested, while Andrew was turning showers on, Mark got a small bag out gave each of the boys a small pill saying ” these will get you going all night” she watched as the boys started to take their kit off and was soon looking at 4 naked boys all with long hairy dicks, she shook her sister saying ” look naked white boys” her sister looked out the window said” wow” Mia was comparing the sizes she estimated that Steve was the biggest at about 6 inches Mark about 5 while Andrew and Billy about 4, both girls were watching as the boys soaped themselves and looked at each other when Steve’s dick suddenly shot up in the air standing up at about 8 inches, Billy and Andrew also got erections of about 6 inches then Mark’s went to about 7 inches, Mark said ” told you the pills were good” the boys all started stroking their dicks, Mia said to her sister ” ” “unbelievable 4 naked white boys wanking” they watched as the boys stroked away getting faster when Andrew squirted in 3 spurts Mia said ” cool” Billy and Mark both squirted at about the same time then Steve squirted in about 5 spurts, Both girls were watching mouths wide open they watched as the boys showered and dressed. Not long after the girls dad arrived he put a new bulb in the socket Mia’s sister ran out to the car, then Steve came back in Mia’s dad gave him money, Steve looked at Mia said ” you enjoy watching us wank off” Mia’s dad said “I paid Steve to set it up the others don’t know you were” Mia smiled said ” I liked it” Steve said ” you want to play with my cock” Mia nodded Steve undid his jeans letting his still erect dick spring out Mia touched it then wrapped her hand round it and started to stroke away after 5 minutes Steve squirted again in 4 spurts Mia stopped Steve cleaned up said to Mia ” you can now say you made an older white boy spunk up” and walked out. Mia’s dad said happy birthday just don’t tell your mum, Mia replied I wont any how she would not believe me an Indian girl seeing white naked boys.

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