Gang war fare

Author: mandy

26 year old Mark stood in the gang hut looking over his domain, he had just ousted Steve as leader of the gang and was now leader of the most feared street gang in the area, Steve was sat looking at Mark he knew the gang were unhappy with him but had not expected to be ousted his arms and legs had bruise on them from the fight that had finished him, he looked at Mark’s younger sister Karen who was smiling, Mark turned looked at Steve said ” get your clothes off my sis wants to look at you”Steve looked at Mark said ” but she is only a kid she is only 21″ Marks reply was short and sharp, he said ” your nobody now do as your told” Steve knew he had no option but to obey if he did not he would be kicked out the gang and left to the mercy of other gangs” he slowly started to undress with Karen watching and smiling broadly, after a minute Steve was stood naked, Karen said ” yeah a hairy dick” to his horror Steve felt his dick growing and soon had a full erection, Karen looked at Mark who said ” go on you know what to do” Karen was soon stroking Steve’s 8 inch erection with one hand and rubbing his bum with the other smiling as she did after a few minutes Steve exploded in 4 long spurts which made Karen squeal with delight. “20 minutes later Steve was walking down the road hardly believing a 10 year old girl had jerked him a 17 year old youth off and was more surprised at how much he had. enjoyed it.
Mark was sitting in the gang hut on his own after Karen had left, Kim Steve’s girlfriend walked in looked at Mark said ” seen Steve” Mark told he had left then said to her ” get your tits out bout time I saw them” with out hesitation Kim lifted her jumper exposing her bare boobs, Mark looked noticing Kim’s solid nipples, he said ” fucking hell bitch your nipples are solid you need a good fucking” Kim just smiled Mark said get your clothes of, Kim stripped naked Mark sucked her nipples then felt her hand on his crutch rubbing his erection through his jeans, Mark stood back and stripped naked Kim said ” wow that is some cock” and lay on the floor parting her legs, Mark knelt and slowly inserted his 9 inch solid dick into Kim and started to thrust away after a minute Kim was panting and moaning as Mark thrust in deeper and harder, Kim wrapped her legs round Mark and after a minute screamed as she came, Mark gave a few more thrusts before pulling out and standing up his 9 inch solid dick standing up in front of him, he saw 14 year old Mary standing looking at him her hand inside in jumper, Mark smiled said ” you want it” Mary nodded and started to strip, Mark was surprised at the size of her boobs and thought being gang leader is going to be good.

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