Fan Fic

Author: mandy

The following did not happen but I suspect many people wish it did happen and could have watched.

Gabby was in the kitchen hardly listening to her mum as she told Gabby how lucky she was that Liv had agreed to be friends again and that if she ever did any thing like what she had done to Liv again she would be grounded for life. Gabby yawned pulled her gown tighter round her body said ” yes mum” looking out the window as she did and saw Liv walking towards the house. Gabby looked at her mum said ” your going to be late” Her mum agreed grabbed her bag and left. A few minutes later Liv knocked on the door which Gabby opened and let Liv in before closing and locking the door. Live said ” it;s fucking hot out there” Gabby smiled then replied ” the air conditioning is on” the conversation turned to the fight with girls having friendly digs at each other, Liv said ” your lucky I let you off lightly” Gabby stood started pushing the furniture back Live aske Gabby what she was doing” Gabby replied ” lets see who is best ” the girls started pushing and pulling each other laughing as they did, Gabby then got Liv on the floor sitting on her legs, Livs tee shirt had rode up showing her bare stomach, Gabby stood lifted Liv by the ankles causing her tee shirt to fall further down, Gabby said ” you aint wearing a bra I can see part of your tits” she dropped Liv’s legs before sitting astride them again she then grabbed tee shirt and pushed it right over her head and off exposing Liv’s boobs, Gabby said ” look no bra naked tits” and gently slapped them then flicked her nipples, Liv grabbed the end of Gabby’s gown and pulled, the gown parted at the bottom, Liv’s eyes went wide as she said ” I can see your cunt you aint wearing panties” Gabby looked at Liv said ” right you asked for it ” grabbed the waist of Liv’s jeans and pulled hard, Liv’s jeans came right down along with her panties, Gabby stood and pulled Liv’s jeans and shoes right off leaving her naked, Liv got to her feet grabbed Gabby’s gown pulled it causing Gabby to fall to the floor, Liv pulled the gown , the gown came off leaving Gabby naked, Liv sat astride Gabby’s legs gently slapped her boobs said ” naked tits” Gabby said ” I can see your cunt and I bet it is wet” Liv said ” your the one with erect nipples” and flicked them, Gabby pushed Liv off her and stood up said ” are you wet ” Liv nodded said ” sorry” Gabby said ” it’s ok I am fucking soaking” she knelt down pushed Liv’s legs apart and slid 2 fingers right up Liv and said ” oh yeah your fucking wet you sexy bitch” she then lent forward and started to suck Liv’s nipples pushing her fingers in and out of Liv as she did, Liv lay there enjoying what was happening to her, Gabby pulled her fingers out then slid down and inserted her tongue right inside Liv who moaned out loud, Gabby’s tongue was driving Liv mad with desire and after a minute Liv exploded Gabby licked Liv a bit more before rolling onto her back, Liv looked at Gabby saw her nipples were very erect she lent forward started sucking them, sliding her fingers inside as she did feeling how wet she was after a few minutes of Liv’s fingers inside her Gabby moaned and exploded, both girls lay where they were before showering and dressing. Next day as they were walking accross the field from the bus stop Gabby said ” I knew you were a dirty fucking lesbian” smiling as she did Liv replied saying ” say that again and i’ll make you lick my cunt” Gabby smiled said ” I knew you were a dirty fucking lesbian” Liv pushed Gabby to the ground, Gabby smiled undid Liv’s jeans pulled them down and started licking.

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