Author: mandy

Kim was walking home after being dumped by her boyfriend, she was in a bad mood and was kicking stones and other rubbish as she went. She arrived at the block of flats she lived in and had to wait for the lift. As she waited Mrs Khan arrived with her son Abdul who at 14 was 2 years younger than Kim and her 12 year old daughter. Mrs Khan told Kim she looked annoyed, Kim explained why, Mrs Khan invited Kim in for a cup of tea Kim knew her parents were away for the weekend and went in. Kim sat chatting with Mrs Khan about all things Abdul kept looking at Kim and smiling, Mrs Khan said to Kim ” sorry about the boy he is exited because your zip is a bit low and he can see part of your tits” Kim looked down said” sorry it don’t bother me” Mrs Khan said ” most of the Bengali boys would like to see what he is seeing and more” Kim replied ” if he wants to see more I will show him more” Mrs Khan said ” we better go in other room the neighbours are nosey” yong beautiful girl KimKim went followed the family into the other room and once there pulled her zip right down revealing her naked boobs, Abdul looked said ” wow they are lovely” Mrs Khan said ” you just made his day but what he really wants is to see you naked” Kim smiled said ” no problems ” and took her top right off and undid her jeans sitting down to remove them before standing up totally naked” Abdul sat staring at the naked 16 year old white girl, Kim said come on your turn” Abdul smiled and was soon standing naked. Kim looked at Abduls sister said ” why should you miss out and showed her the pictures on her phone of her naked ex boyfriend then turned round and took Abduls erection in her hand and started to stroke it. then stopped said ” want to fuck me” Abdul nodded Kim lay down on the floor parted her legs said “come on then” Abdul did not need a second invite and was soon sliding his dick up Kim’s moist love tunnel and started grinding away after a few minutes he pulled out and squirted all over Kim’s stomach, after cleaning up and dressing they all went back to the kitchen. Mrs Khan said that was surprising. Kim replied ” I will teach my ex a lesson” looked at Abdul added ” you can be first”
to be continued

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