Author: Steve

16 year old Mandy was sat wearing only a towel her parents were away so she had been drinking and was very tipsy, the door bell rang Mandy staggered to the door opened it to find 14 year old Abdul the delivery boy with the groceries there she let him telling him in a slurred speech to put them in the kitchen, Abdel went asking if he should put them away, Mandy nodded picking up her drink as she did, Abdul set about unpacking the groceries. he looked at Mandy as he did and got a surprise her towel had slipped a bit one of her nipples was showing, Mandy drank from her glass Abdul saw the towel slide more and the other nipple appear, Abdul felt his dick go solid, he watched as Mandy leant forward to pick up the bottle and saw the towel slide more showing he complete boobs, the bottle was empty Mandy stood to get another bottle as she did the towel fell to the floor, Abdul could hardly believe what he was seeing the hottest girl at school totally naked her shaved slit and boobs on show, Mandy got another bottle then slumped on the settee. The door opened and 12 year old Sara Mandy’s sister walked in, Abdul knew they hated each other, Sara looked at her sister then at Abdul smiled said to Abdul ” you had a feel yet” Abdul said told her no, Sara said” go on touch her up she is to pissed to know” then added look” and hit Mandy who did not flinch, Sara said” see go on I wont tell she wont know”
Abdul went forward started to rub Mandy’s boobs his dick getting stiffer as he did. Sara went into her bedroom after a few minutes she returned Abdul looked up and saw that she was naked her nipples erect, Sara said ” come on get your clothes off and fuck me” Abdul did not need a second invite and was soon naked Sara looked his 4 inch erect dick and lay on the floor with her legs open Abdul got down and was soon sliding his dick up Sara’s moist opening and started to thrust in and out as hard as he could, Sara was soon moaning and after a few minutes came, Abdul stopped gently pulled out looking into Sara’s eyes noticing how glazed over they were, he rolled Sara onto her belly rubbed her cute little bum then eased his dick up her tight bum and started thrusting in and out pinching her nipples as he did, after a few minutes he squirted up her bum then slowly pulled out, Abdul went into the bathroom washed his dick went back into the main room looked at Sara who was on her back smiled said ” you were good” Sara replied ” I liked it all it was great first time I been fucked up the bum”
Abdul dressed left. Sara went into her room got dressed phoned her best mate told her what had happened and arranged to get Abdul round the next day.

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