change of sides

Author: mandy

The 2 Bengali boys were sat at the back of the upper deck on the bus when they saw July getting on, both boys got slightly scared as they knew July was a racist but it did not stop them looking at the way July’s ample boobs pushed her jumper out or the way her short tight mini skirt revealed her legs. At 17 July was 5 years older than the boys but that did not stop them having erotic thoughts about her. July sat opposite the boys they both saw the pokies in her jumper. July looked at the boys smiled said” you looking at my pokies” the boys kept quiet” The boys got off the bus 2 stops later followed by July, July went down onto the canal tow path and started walking along the tow path, the boys were behind her, July passed a group of other Bengali boys who all looked at her most noticing the pokies, 16 year old Abdul shouted out ” those tits are fake” the rest of the boys ran scared what July would do but she carried on walking, Abdul stayed watching July and saw her sit on a bench, he slowly walked towards her, as he was just a few yards from her he saw July was sat with her jumper off her naked boobs on full view Abdul looked said ” fucking hell those tits are real no padding” July got up walked to the small clump of trees behind the bench, Abdul waited then followed and found July standing back to a tree jumper off, Abdul stared, July said ” you just going to stand there looking” Abdul moved forward and felt July’s boobs started to rub them then started licking her nipples which became more erect, he felt July start to rub his crutch then undo his trousers letting his 7 inch erection spring out, July slid to the ground and Abdul gasped when July took his erection in her mouth and start to suck it after a few minutes Abdul announced he was going to cum July carried on sucking and when Abdul exploded in 4 spurts July swallowed it all. Abdul stood there thinking he had dreamt everything while July put her jumper on and walked away, as she walked down the tow path July saw the 2 boys from the bus they both looked in disbelieve as July showed them her boobs before walking on.

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