Change of sides part 2

Author: mandy

It was a few days after Abdul had been given a blow job by July on the canal tow path and he was working late in the family owned shop, his 14 year old sister petal was there with him, she had the nickname petal because of her love of flowers, she had been told of the incident on the tow path and when July walked in the shop just as Abdul was locking up she smiled at her brother, a few seconds behind July her boyfriend 18 year old Steve came in, petal noticed the bulge in his tracksuit trousers and smiled even more. Abdul had pulled the main shutters down and partly lowered the door shutter, petal was stood at the end of the isle looking down it, she went to Abdul said ” July’s got her tits out” Abdul looked July was stood with her jumper over her head her boobs on full show, petal went to the end isle looked down it and went wide eyed when she saw Steve stood with is dick out standing up fully erect at 9 inches. petal walked down the isle stood right by Steve said ” nice cock” she then looked back saw Abdul had pulled the remaining shutter right down, she went looked at July and saw Abdul licking July’s boobs and easing her towards the stockroom when Abdul and July went in petal followed, petal was watching her brother pulling July’s jean down after a minute July was naked Abdul had his fingers right her, petal then saw Steve was fully naked beside her, petal reached out held Steve’s dick started to stroke it, Steve stopped her lifted her onto the table removed her tops and started licking her boobs, petal looked saw Abdul was naked his dick posed ready to slide into July. Steve lay petal flat removed her skirt and panties and started to finger her, petal saw her brother was now pounding away at July but was brought back to Steve when she felt his dick enter her love tunnel and moaned when it slid right up her, July was groaning as Abdul pounded away deep inside her getting faster and harder with each stroke, petal was really moaning as Steve ground away at her licking her very erect nipples as he did, petal moaned loudly as she climaxed but Steve just carried on pounding away petal climaxed a 2nd time but still Steve pounded away at her tight pussy after she had climaxed 2 more times Steve pulled out and his cream shot all over petals naked body, petal lay there exhausted while her brother pounded away at July then pulled his dick out shooting his stuff all over the place. After a hour all 4 had dressed Steve and July had left, Abdul and petal were cleaning up in the back, Abdul said” you got big tits for a girl your age”, petal replied” did you see the size of Steve’s cock it is massive” when Abdul asked her if she wanted more Petal replied ” you bet” Abdul pushed his hands up petals shirt started to play with her naked boobs said ” like now” petal just nodded and lay back while Abdul stripped her naked before removing his own clothes.

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