bitch taken

Author: mandy

The street was quiet and in darkness, 16 year old Sara liked it this way it gave her more chances to work undisturbed, she had already broke into 2 cars and got a camera worth a couple of hundred pounds, she was now watching a house knowing the owners were away, Sara was about to move when she saw Mark a boy from her class staggering down the road, Sara saw he was drunk and staggering around, Sara waited till he was by waste ground before getting him on the floor without any trouble and relieving him of his money and other goods, it was then that Sara saw Mark’s 14 year old sister Kim, it was the first time Sara had made a mistake and let herself be seen robbing someone or a house, she started to get up but Kim kicked her hard in the face sending her flying across the ground where she lay dazed, she felt Kim sit on her waist then felt her jumper being pushed up and the breeze on her bare boobs, she heard Kim say ” fucking hell you got big tits ” and felt hands starting to rub them pitching her nipples as they went, the haze was starting to clear from Sara’s head and she realised Kim was playing with her boobs, she said ” get of me you fucking lez” and got her face slapped a few times by Kim who said ” yeah I am lez and I am going to enjoy you you bitch” and returned to playing with the nice set of boobs in front of her, after a couple of minutes Kim started licking Sara’ nipples feeling the stiffen as she did, Kim turned facing Sara feet and started to undo her jeans, she struggled with the belt but soon got it open pushing Sara’s jeans down after she had then said ” yeah a nice hairless cunt” before starting to rub it and after a few minutes slid two fingers right inside Sara and was surprised to find she was very moist, Kim started pushing her fingers in and out getting faster and deeper as she did, after awhile Kim felt Sara gush as she climaxed, Kim carried on fingering Sara and felt her climax a second time then a third time and fourth,, Kim stood looking down at Sara who just lay there, Kim reached down and stripped Sara of her jeans and tee shirt used her phone and took photos of a naked Sara who was still dazed.

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