Before puberty

Author: I.wiggins

My sister had me watch her little girl Amber while she worked nights at the hotel. Amber was my niece who was only eleven during this time. In the living room in the chair with Amber laying on the floor face down watching a movie with a girl and her step dad fucking.
Amber looked at me and said that she wished she had a step dad. Cause she would be doing the same thing with him. I told her that I can be her dad if she wants me to.
She was smiling at me and I watched her get up and take off her panties and shirt. Just a little mound on each side of her chest for titties and a tiny smooth pussy between her legs. She moved to the couch and opened up her legs wide. I was between her legs in a second. Fingering her pussy and licking and sucking up the juices from her honey hole. She was moaning softly like her mom does when I eat her pussy.
Shortly thereafter we were fucking together for about ten minutes and I cumed inside her pussy. My cum was leaking out of her pussy and I licked it from her pussy.

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