Watching a Video

This is a fantasy post, it hasnt happened yet, but Im sure something like this may happen in the future.

One evening on my way home from work, Nicole called me to tell me that she had to go into work tonight because one of the other girls had to go home sick. I wasnt exactly happy about that, because she had purposefully organised to have this particular evening off because she had something special planned for me.

So I reluctantly, and slightly disappointed went home to my place. My parents werent home yet, and neither was my brother. My mum had left a not on the kitchen table, saying they had gone out, and probably wouldnt be back until later that evening. Mum didnt say anything about it to me before I left for work, so it was just a bit unusual, but I wasnt worried.

Since Nicole had told me she had a surprise for me, I had been thinking about it all day. I was sure that it was going to be something sexual, maybe a new position, or a new toy for us. I was quite wet when I walked in the door at home, and I had no idea what I was going to do now that Nicole wasnt around to play with.

I knew that I had to do something, otherwise my wet pussy was going to explode before Nicole came home after work tonight. Lucky my family wasnt home, so I could be as loud as I wanted, anywhere in the house.

When I ordered the glass dildo the other week, I bought a few lesbian DVDs for Nicole and I to watch together. We hadnt watched them yet, and we were planning to watch them on a rainy day.

I had wondered if this was one of Nicoles plans for tonight.

So in the end, I decided that I would watch one of the DVDs in the lounge room, and bring out most of our toys. I brought a few towels with me so I wouldnt make too much of a noticable mess.

I spread the towels out, and put the toys on them, ready for use. I brought with me my glass dildo, two of my bunny vibrators, my favourite butt plug, and our nipple clamps.

Once they were all spread out, I turned the heater on, and set the DVD up. The story involved two lesbian couples. They had met at a bar that evening, and then headed back for some fun afterwards. I turned the volume up, and slowly started stripping naked.

I sat on the floor, watching the tv and the girls starting to pleasure each other. I could feel the tension building inside me as I sat there naked, just watching and listening as the girls started getting into each other. I started playing with one of my nipples, I flicked my finger over it, making it hard and sensitive. I played with the other one, ensuring it was nice and hard too.

I grabbed the nipple clamps, and put them on my now hard nipples. I moaned in pleasure, and let the feeling flow throughout my body.

I watched the DVD for a bit more, the girls were now fingering each other, and my pussy craved to have something slide inside. I grabbed the first toy I felt, my butt plug and slid it inside. I slowly moved it in and out. Slow and deep making sure I could feel the whole thing. I pushed it towards my g-spot. I trembled as I pushed it past my g-spot. I knew I needed to go harder, but I wanted to fill my arse as well.

I got on my hands and knees, spread my arse cheeks, and slowly slide the butt plug inside my arse hole. I deliberately took my time, listening to the moans coming from the TV. When I had finally slid it inside, I turned over to watch some more of the the DVD.

Two of the girls now had a strap ons on, while the others were sucking on them. I desperately wanted to feel a cock in my mouth. I grabbed the next best thing my Fantasy dildo. I slid it inside my mouth, pretending to suck on it, trying to make it cum like a real cock. I wish Nicole was here so I could suck on her strap on with her in it.

Luckily for me the Fantasy dildo has a suction cap, I stuck it to the table so I could suck on it while I fucked my pussy with one of my vibrators.

So there I was, butt plug in my arse, my head bobbing up and down a dildo on the table, and my free hand pushing the vibrator deep inside my pussy. I was wishing for Nicole to walk in on me, catch me playing without her. I was so horny and wet by now. Luckily I had spread towels out, I could feel my pussy juices leaving my pussy and sliding along the vibrator and onto the towels covering the floor.

I had my first intense orgasm sucking on the dildo, fucking my pussy. I almost collapsed there.

I pulled the vibrator out, and lay on my back. I left the butt plug in ready for the next round of adventures. I lay there watching the girls on the DVD. They had all had an orgasm by now, I assumed at a similar time to when I was having mine.

I lay there watching the girls swap positions, and then start licking each other again. I knew I wanted that, but unfortunately I couldnt get that because Nicole was working. So I had to resort to an alternative.

I lay on my back, butt plug still inside me, and grabbed my Kingfisher glass dildo, I rubbed it up and down my pussy lips, getting my juices all over it. The rubs rubbing over my clit, making it nice and hard, and ready to be played with. I grabbed one of my bunny vibrators, turned the rabbit ears on, and pushed them against my clit while I fucked my wet pussy with the Kingfisher. I didnt cool it down, or warm it up, but it still felt amazing in my hot, wet pussy. I kept going, both hard and fast, as well as slow and sensual. I love the feeling of my Kingfisher inside my pussy.

I kept going, pushing on through the moans coming from the TV, and brought myself to the edge. I put my bunny down, and started tugging on the nipple clamps with the chain as I brought myself to an orgasm with the Kingfisher. I watched as I ejaculated for the first time. My cum spray over the cupboard holding the TV and DVD player. I lay there convulsing from the orgasm. I felt like I was in heaven, it felt so amazing. I just wished that Nicole was there to experience it with me.

I came two more times that evening. Once in the bath, and again in my bed. Ill leave them to another post.

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