Two pussies and me

Author: I.wiggins

Fifteen years old my daughter Jayden and her friend Hayley asked to go stay with me in the cabin I rented at the river. I told them I would be there for a week and I planned to be with a female friend who was staying a few doors down from my place.
Jayden and Hayley came to my desk in front of me. They both said that I could have them for my relief. They said they were ready to get their cherries popped. I looked at the girls and told them I would love to be the first man in their pussies.
So we left on the road at day light the next morning. Jayden was wearing a shirt and panties with a blanket on her and my lap. Hayley sat by the door watching a movie on her computer. Fingering Jayden getting her pussy really wet and hot. She was sucking my cock under the blanket. Then I couldn’t hold it back and shot my cum in her mouth and it went down her face. Hayley saw what happened and she licked it off Jayden.
When we got to the cabin and was inside relaxing. Hayley said she was getting a shower. After Hayley was in the shower, I slipped out of my clothes and got in the tub behind her. We were kissing wildly as I fingered her pussy. Next I slowly slipped my cock between her legs and inside her pussy. Hayley yelled a little bit when I forced myself in her pussy fully. She was moving with my thrust soon. Fucked her for about twenty minutes and I filled her pussy with another big load of cum.
Later that night all three of us in the bed together making love for half the night.

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