Author: mandy

Abdul was in family changing room of the local swimming pool, when Kim and July came in, at 12 both girls were 4 years younger than Abdul and were known as the terrible twins, they were not related but hung out everywhere together, the girls stood drying their hair while Abdul dried his little cousin, Kim put her towel down pulled the tie strings on her bikini bottoms letting them drop to the floor Abdul was surprised he was looking at a cute naked white bum and when July did the same he smiled July unclipped her top took it off Kim did the same, both girls turned sat on the bench and continued drying their hair Abdul admire their developing boobs and hairless slits, he felt his dick go solid, July said to Kim “we catching the bus home or walking through woods” Kim replied ” walking” Abdul dressed his cousin and took him to his aunt told her he was going to his mates and left. Kim and July left 10 minutes later and headed for the woods after a few minutes they saw Abdul by the old wood mans hut, Kim looked at July said ” told you it work” they both walked to the hut as they passed Abdul he said ” Nice bodies” the girls went in the hut looked at Abdul said ” come on we want to try some Paki cock” Abdul went in closed the door propped it shut and watched as the girls stripped naked, Abdul stripped the girls looked at his solid fat hairy 7 inch dick Kim reached out held it in her hand saying” nice” July lay on the floor her legs open Abdul got down and slowly eased his dick right inside making July moan out loud he started to slowly push in and out getting deeper and harder each time after a few minutes he felt July gush after a few more thrusts he pulled out looked at Kim who was laying on the floor and was soon thrusting deep into her love hole pounding as hard as he could Kim was moaning loudly and after a few minutes gushed, Abdul pulled out stood wiped his dick dressed and left, the girls dressed agreeing it had been good and left as they walked through the woods the girls saw Abdul talking to his girlfriend, the girls walked on smiling as they went. Next day the girls were walking home from school when Abdul appeared with his mate, Abdul said ” wanna try some more paki cock”

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