Sure thing

Author: Israel Wiggins

I woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago. Feelings I felt happening to my manhood caused me to wake up. When I lifted the sheet looking down towards my crotch area, I saw a head with long brown hair taking my hard cock in her mouth with warm wet lips around my shaft. She looked up at me looking at her.

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That’s when I realized that it was Alyssa, my step daughter that was 23 and home from college. She said that she couldn’t let me get hard and not help me with it cause she is the reason I got that way. She said that she got into my bed rubbing on me and playing with herself. Then she had to suck my cock cause all the times that her mother talked about it made her want me more.
And now that her mother has passed away, she feels like it is her time to be who pleases me as my lover. I couldn’t find any reason to stop her and I let her finish sucking me off. Then I ate her pussy while I fingered her holes. After making her have two orgasms cuming on my face. Next I fucked her pussy and ass hole until I filled both holes with my cum.

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