Soup run

Author: mandy

Sara was stood by the van handing out food to the homeless people, it was something she had done every Saturday for 3 months. Sara had started doing the work with a local charity after learning about the lives of homeless people at school, she had been appalled at what she had learnt and felt lucky that at 16 years of age she had a decent home and rich parents so had volunteered to help on the soup run. The leader of the team approached Sara and asked her to go speak with some of the rough sleepers.

18 years old sexy girlSara spoke with one of the other girls before going, they exchanged views on various things including the boiling hot weather, Sara had told her friend that as it was so hot she had left her bra and panties off wearing just her jumper and jogger bottoms to help stay cool her friend had told Sara that she had did the same, Sara knew her friend Kim gave hand jobs to some of the homeless but never said anything about it. Sara was on a upper floor of the derelict building she looked over the edge and got a shock there was Kim kneeling down sucking on a mans dick, Sara watched for a minute as her 15 year old friend sucked a man who was about 40 years old.

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