Reality Jump – Chapter 8

Introduction: Finally, Chapter 8! WOOOOOO! Chapter 8

Charles made it 30 feet before he felt a presence behind him. He spun around pulling out his handgun and aimed the sights down onto a frightened Beth standing in the path. As soon as she saw the large handgun pointed at her Beth lost control and pissed herself.

Sorry. Charles said putting away his gun. Snow had began to fall around them giving the forest a white layer.

I want to come with you. Beth said looking at Charles as he turned his back to her and started to walk away.

I never said you couldnt. Charles said turning around and opening his arm for her. Beth walked over to him and snuggled up to his side. Charles took off his overcoat and put it around Beth as the snow really started to come down on. They made it to the next town with Beth on Charless back. As soon as he set foot into town he was surrounded by thugs.

Give us all you got or well pump you full of lead.

Great, fucking Canadians. Beth said looking around at all of the guys holding MACs and pump action shotguns.

Look guys, Charles said taking another step into town. Im really tired and am looking for an inn for her. So if its alright with you can I just let you live?

The thugs all started to laugh. You got a bitch on your back we all have you covered. Youre a dead man if you take one more step. The thug talking back to Charles let off a short burst from his machine pistol into the ground at Charless feet.

Fine, just dont blink. Charles did a back flip and tossed Beth into the air. He came up holding his jackal in his hand and went right into a side flip blasting away at the thugs around him. By the time Charles was back on his feet he already killed half of them.

Kill him! A thug yelled pulling the trigger on his shotgun. Every other thug around followed suit and filled the area where Charles was with lead. They looked up and saw Charles coming down at them with his sword drawn, he sliced clean through the middle of one guy splitting him down the middle. They redirected their fire at Charles only to see him gone again. Two guys standing together had their heads fall off and Charles was already on the third with his sword through his throat. The remaining 4 thugs yet again redirected their fire on Charles and filled the body on his sword with their lead. Charles aimed his gun over the shoulder of the dead man in front of him and fired off killing 2 more thugs, Charles then sliced the thug on his sword in half and threw both pieces into the last two thugs.

Charles aimed his gun at one of the thugs and pulled the trigger separating the mans torso from his legs. The last thug screamed in terror as he saw Charles walk towards him with an evil smile on his face, he pushed the half of a man off him and shot at Charles, every time he shot Charles suddenly appeared the side of where he shot. When he heard the click click click from his gun the man drew a pistol and shot himself in the ear. His brains went flying out the other side bathing the floor with his blood. Charles put away his weapons and caught Beth in his arms as she fell from the air.

Beth looked around and saw the carnage that had happened in the few seconds that she was in the air. She hurled when she saw the two leaking sides of the man split in two along with the man that had no abdomen.

Lets get you to an Inn. Charles said walking away from the bloody field they were in.


Charles carried Beth into the nearest Inn as she was nearly frozen to the bone.

Your best room please. Charles said to the man standing by the front desk.

Name? He asked pulling a quill out of an ink well.

Hers is Beth Jenkins.

She looks half dead. The man said looking at Beth in Charles arms cuddling against his chest.

All the more reason for the room. The man took one more glance at Beth then picked up a set of keys.

Follow me. The man led Charles up a flight of stairs to the top floor and opened a door. Inside was a giant room that looked to stretch across the entire top floor of the building. Best room that money can buy in these parts, The man said walking in and putting the keys on a small table. You have any bags?

Kind of left in a hurry, there any seamstresses or tailors around town?

Ill give them a call later today for you.

Thanks. Charles said putting Beth down on the big bed in the room. This may be a bad time but I dont really have money to pay for the room.

You already have, those thugs you slaughtered have been causing me trouble for a few months now.

Charles shook the mans hand as he stuck it out towards him. Charles thanked the man and said that they would probably be gone by tomorrow. After the Inn keeper went out of the room Charles went back over to Beth. He picked her up and carried her over to the bathroom where he drew a bath of hot water and added scented salts and soaps to it. Charles then undressed Beth and lowered her into the water. She purred as she was placed into the tub and leaned back enjoying the warmth.

Thank you. Beth said opening her eyes and looking at Charles, he had taken off his suit jacket and rolled his sleeves up so he could wash her. She let out soft moans and groans as Charless hands roamed over her rubbing and massaging every inch of her. After a couple minutes Charles took his hands out of the water and turned to the door. Dont go! Beth said sitting up in the tub and reaching out to Charles, her tits flying out of the tub and into the cold air.

You need some time to soak and knock the chill off. Charles said putting his hand on the doorknob. Besides, I have some things to take care of. Charles then left Beth sitting there in the tub enjoying the warmth her body was soaking up but feeling cold in her heart from his attitude towards her.

Charles rolled down his sleeves and put on his suit jacket again but left it undone. Charles then went over to the windows and opened one and climbed out onto the side of the building. He made his way to the roof and drew his sword raising it up and pointing it towards the sky. Everything slowed to a stop, snowflakes just sitting there in mid air.

Yes? Death asked coming out of black mist.

I need to the others to come and help me. Charles said tossing his sword at Death.

Impossible. Death said catching the sword by the handle and putting the skull in his palm. Souls came rushing out of it and swirled around the set of scales before dissipating. He then tossed the sword back at Charles.

This is vital though. Charles said grabbing the sword from midair. Its to do with this powerful soul you want.

What do they have to do with him?

I used to have a small task force before Lewis made most of them go berserk killing Cecilia and almost killing Beth. Charles slid the sword into its sheath. I cant take on an army of these Iscariots Knights alone, and that rifle I asked for cant be held by Beth anymore.

Cecilia is still alive Charles, Death said floating over to Charles and giving him an orb. You never took her soul for safe keeping and she was never banned from that order, in fact they were using her to keep tabs on you.

So what does this all mean?

You are still an immortal Charles, unable to die and unable to age.

But you said it yourself that they stripped away my immortality.

I was mistaken, once made an immortal cant be gotten rid of, unless of course I myself strike them down or one of my children captures that persons soul.

So that other immortal&hellip,

Still has a soul and that means a weakness that he doesnt know of. Charles looked up at Death and couldve sworn he saw a smile begin to creep around the edges of the mask. Take it and bring it to me my child. Charles felt like his entire spine had turned to ice as he saw the edges of Deaths smile. Thrust your sword directly into him and tear it out! Charles nodded and got off of the roof as Death started laughing to himself. Charles had only seen Death act like this once before, and that was only after killing an entire tribal army in Africa that had mastered the art of some real bad voodoo.

When Charles swung into the room he saw that time had again started up again and that Beth was out of her bath. 1 man and 4 women were standing around her, all were dressed in black long coats. (For those needing visual aid

Charles! Beth said running over to him and hugging him. These people say that they know you. Beth turned back to facing them and pointed to one girl with black hair. And she said that youre her husband.

She would be mostly correct. Charles said smiling at the black haired woman. Were still fianc?for another month arent we Julia?

The woman smiled and walked over to Charles and kissed him right in front of Beth. Ive decided to do it your way actually. She said breaking the kiss. Charles looked down at her and smiled.

Good, because I dont think I could keep myself away from you for another month.

What are you two talking about? Beth said looking at Charles and this new woman started to French each other.

Has Charles told you what he is young lady? A man asked stepping forward.

I know hes part vampire from the way he moves&hellip, The woman in Charless arms broke the kiss and looked at Charles, he just smiled and showed her his now rather pointy canines and went back to kissing her with more passion.

I see, you may want to sit down then while I fill you in. The man motioned for Beth to sit down in a chair and he took a seat directly across from her.

He spent over an hour explaining to Beth what Charles was and what they were.

So let me get this straight, Beth said sitting forward in her chair. You all dont have souls, but youre still alive.


Your immortal to time, but can still die if you are mortally wounded.


You gather souls for Death himself and he in turn makes you weapons.


You travel from each plane of existence, mine being only one of 7, and kill souls of beings that would wish to destroy that plane of existence because Death tells you to.

That about sums it up.

So why the fuck are you here?

Because Charles is in over his head it seems. The man sat back in his chair and crossed his arms looking over at Charles who was just walking out of the bathroom and back over to the black haired woman.

Everyone in the room had now thrown their overcoats off and around the room. Two of the girls were on bed chatting to one another while the other one walked over to the man sitting down and sat in his lap.

It was Beth right? asked the woman sitting in the mans lap.


My names Kelly, She put out her hand, Beth shook it and sat back into her chair. It must be hard traveling with Charles huh?

Yeah a bit, Beth said thinking back, one moment she was being kissed good night from her parents, the next she was waking up in the middle of the forest. Hes already pulled a gun on me.

Oh get a room you two! One of the girls from the bed said looking over at Charles and Julia who were now slowly undressing each other.

Honey, could you separate those two? They can at least wait until after their married tomorrow. The man nodded at the woman on his lap and got up. He went over to Charles and pulled him off of Julia and went over to the window where he tossed Charles out into the night air.

Cool it boy, youll be spending the rest of your lives together!

The next day Charles woke up lying on the ground. He sat up and saw that Joe had taken a seat by the fireplace while the other 4 girls took the bed. Julia watched as Charles got up and walked into the bathroom. She slowly got up from the bed, disentangling herself from the other girls and crept her way into the bathroom. She saw Charles standing in front of the toilet letting loose a stream of piss into the bowel. She went up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist and replaced his hand on his dick.

So how have you been? Julia asked aiming his stream into the toilet.

Ive been good, what about you?

Lonely, girls can only do so much with each other. Julia squeezed the last few drops of pee out of Charless dick.

So what have you missed? Charles asked turning to face Julia. He saw a smile spread across her face as she went to her knees. She pumped Charless cock a couple times then slipped it into her mouth and started sucking on it. Charles let out a quite moan as he felt Julia take almost his entire cock down her throat.

You always were the best at this! Charles said placing his hand on the back of her head. Julia loved the way that Charless cock filled her entire throat when she blew him, it would always get her pussy wet as she felt hit throb and pulsate when it was in her. Her saliva trickled out the sides of her mouth and ran down the last inch or so of Charless cock before hitting his slacks and making a wet spot on them. Julia moved her right hand down inside of her pants and played with her clit as she felt Charles put his hand on the back of her head and push her further down his cock. Julia knew this was Charles tell saying he was about to bust a nut so she backed off from him so only the head was in her mouth. She sucked hard on it trying to make him cum as she brought both hands up and stroked his full length. Charles let out a long groan as he released his balls into Julias mouth.

Julia was used to Charles shooting off a couple dozen shots of cum down her throat and she could usually swallow it all. So when Charles let go and released a constant stream of cum into her mouth she was not at all prepared. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but the cum flow from his balls was just simply too much. Her cheeks got filled with cum when she wasnt able to swallow it all, when those were full some started coming out of her nose and finally when the pressure was too much she just opened her mouth and let it over flow.

When Charles was finally done shooting cum he looked down and saw the mess he had made on his soon to be wife. Cum was still dripping out of her nose, some of it had went into her hair but mostly it had just run out of her mouth and down her neck. Cum was dripping down from her shirt onto her pants and there was still enough to make a puddle on the floor.

Holy shit Charles, Julia said looking up into her fianc?eyes. Where the fuck did that come from?

Something happened to me a while back, now I shoot cum like a fountain and my dicks a foot long.

And as big around as a soda can! Julia looked at Charles dick and put her hand around it. It was nearly too big for my pussy when we met, now how am I going to screw you? Julia couldnt keep the smile from her face. She had always loved having a big cock rammed into her from all her holes, but what Charles had between his legs was no longer a simple oversized cock. It was a monster!

Lots of lube Im guessing. Charles chuckled looking at Julia rub his dick. Her hand barely made it half way around him and his dick, even though slightly deflated, was still a good 10 inches.

I need a shower, Julia said standing up. She moved behind Charles and pushed him towards the door. And if youre in here with me thatll never happen! She pushed him out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Charles stuffed his dick back into his pants and zipped them up. He grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

Beth woke up to a bed shaking as if someone was, well, shaking it. She opened her eyes and looked over to her left and saw no one next to her. She looked over to the right to see the two twins in a deep make out session with each other. When Beth sat up the twins broke their kiss and looked over at her.

Sorry if we woke you up, The one on the left said. But we get a little frisky in the mornings.

Im Alice, Said the girl on the right. And this is my twin sister Jane. The two were identical. They both had creamy white skin and golden yellow hair that went most of the way down their backs. The only real difference between the twins was their eyes. Alices left eye was the dull grey like Charless was, but her right eye was a bright blue. Same thing with Jane only thing her right eye was grey and her left the same blue. Both sported full D cup breasts that were high on their chests and didnt have any sag to them.

Im Beth, pleased to meet you. Beth said putting out a hand towards the two girls. Jane took the hand and shook it while Alice moved in and kissed Beth on the lips. She caught Beth off guard and was able to slip her tongue inside of her mouth before she realized what was happening. Jane kissed her way up Beths hand to her arm, then all the way up her arm to her shoulders where she went to work on kissing every inch of her neck.

As the twins kissed Beth they laid her back onto the bed so she was now on her back and they were on top of her. By now the robe that Beth was wearing was undone showing off to the world her figure. Jane went right to her breasts and started sucking on the nipples and lightly biting them every so often.

Alice felt Beth moan into her mouth as her sister played with her tits. They continued to tongue fuck each others mouths. Beth was in the middle dueling Alices tongue to see whos mouth they would invade next when she felt Jane rub her pussy with a hand. She lost the duel and had a mouth full of tongue and eventually lost control and let Alice dominate her. She then felt something slick and wet start lapping at her pussy. She broke the kiss and looked down at Jane eating her out. Alice moved down Beths body and took up kneading and sucking on Beths full D tits making Beth moan out in pleasure as an orgasm rocked her body making her squirt a stream of pussy juice all over Jane.

Holy shit! Jane said backing away from Beths pussy as it squirted at her. That was unexpected! She then dove right back in and inserted a finger up Beths snatch making her go right into another orgasm.

As Beth came down from this orgasm she felt Jane pull her fingers out. She then felt something else press against her dripping cunt. She glanced down to see Jane holding an 8inch cock in her hand and slid it right up into Beth filling her completely and making her scream out in pleasure as another orgasm overtook her.

Alice looked down at her sister who was now rapidly thrusting into Beth and rubbing the shit out of her clit while she did it.

Guess its no time to be shy about it! Alice said rolling to the side of Beth and shucking off her skirt and revealing her own dick that was exactly the same as her twins.

8 inches of uncut dick and as big around as a red bull can. Neither girl had a ball sack but rather their dicks just sat where their clits would be, they still had pussies to be plowed and an asshole to shit from, but instead of having the normal little pisshole and clit like a girl they had a dick sitting there.

Alice moved to behind her sister and slid her dick up her pussy making her scream in pleasure. Jane loved the feeling that Beths pussy was having on her cock, but when her sister slid her own dick up her pussy, reached around twisting her nipples through her shirt and kissed her neck she lost it. She let out shot after shot of cum right up Beths pussy and clamped down onto her sisters cock with her pussy. Beth shot off into another orgasm as she felt Janes hot cum fill her hole. This made Jane go into another orgasm which related to more cum to shoot out of her dick and make her pussy drip with juices and clamp even tighter on her sisters dick making her sister go off.

Soon all three girls were cumming at the same time and the twins just kept on shooting rope after rope of cum up the respective pussies they were currently plowing. After having and creating countless orgasms the girls slumped over onto the bed, one on either side of Beth, all three girls chests heaved as they tried to catch their breath.

What are you two? Beth asked looking down and seeing two deflated cocks resting above two pussies, one of which was leaking cum.

We were born as fully fledged girls if youre asking that, Jane said cuddling up to Beth. We just got cursed by a witch doctor a couple hundred years ago and we sprouted these. Jane reached down and pocked her cock.

Why? Do you not like us now? Alice said looking over at Beth.

No, Beth said smiling. As a matter of fact, I think I love you both now!

Joe woke up in a bed next to his wife Kelly. He smiled thinking back to the previous night and how she let him do anal again. He loved it when she let him plow her backdoor. After throwing Charles out the window he and Kelly got another room a floor down. When they got into the room Kelly jumped onto the bed shedding her clothes as fast as she could. Joe was right behind her, his cock already out and hard as steel. Kelly looked at her husbands giant cock, it was just under 10inches and almost as big around as a soda can.

They got into a hot and steamy 69 with Kelly on top, Joe loved to eat his wifes snatch and make her squirm as she tried her best to stuff his cock down her throat. When she was completely soaked she broke the 69 and mounted her husband slamming down all the way.

They continued to fuck like this, Kelly having over a dozen orgasms before she dismounted and got on her knees. She spread her asshole and told Joe to split her in half. Joe didnt waste any time in hesitation, by the time she opened her mouth to tell him to fuck her up the ass he was already spitting into his hand and rubbing it up and down his cock. He slid into her ass with ease as she loved the way it made her feel. The only reason why she didnt let him ram her ass all the time was it made it painful to sit down for a day or two afterwards depending on how long he lasted. Joe lasted a total of 6 minutes in her ass before letting loose his balls and cramming it up her shitter.

When they were done they had both cleaned up in the bathroom then climbed under the covers of the bed and passed out.

As Joe slid out of bed Kelly woke up and saw his black muscled back.

A bit of back story before we continue.

Deaths children, once accepting the conditions, are invulnerable to death via old age. Joe lost his soul all the way back in 2560 BC, he was one of many slaves to an Egyptian pharaoh, like most slaves that were used he was black and the hard and long days under the sun had toned his body to pure muscle, he still remembers helping to build the great sphinx of Giza under the pharaoh Djedefre.

Kelly was the next person to accept Deaths proposal, this was all the way forward to 457 AD. She was a Buddhist in what would be present day South Korea. She remembers working with her parents in a field farming when Death came to her.

The twins would be the next two to come and be a death child. We jump all the way forward to 783 AD and over to Sweden where they were daughters to a Viking warlord. Death came to them just after their father died and gave them the proposition. The reason for their eyes was their souls had only been half eaten, so when Death came to them and they accepted his proposal he took away the remaining parts of their souls.

Julia came into the picture at 1658 AD, she was the bastard child to a duke of Britain, her mother being a whore. Her soul was taken when she was 16 and Death visited her the next day. She went away with Death leaving behind her entire past life and moving onto a better one.

Charles you already know of. And if not go back a couple chapters and read up on him.

Where you going big stuff? Kelly asked staying on her stomach feeling the usual soreness emanate from her ass, she wasnt going to sit on it if she could help it for another day.

Go back to sleep honey, Joe said kissing Kellys forehead rubbing his hand down her back. I was just going to see about getting some breakfast.

Arent you sweet. Kelly said snuggling back into the pillow that was under her.

Charles was already down in the main area and talking to the inn keeper when he saw Joe come walking down.

Ah, how did you sleep last night sir? The inn keeper asked as he flipped a hot cake that was on a large griddle.

Very pleasantly, Joe said sitting down at a stool. What is the possibility that Ill be able to get some breakfast for my wife and I in our rooms?

Very high, just dont expect delivery. The man slid stack of pancakes over to Charles who dug into them. What would you like?

Two orders of your biggest meal.

Alright, just give me a moment. The man poured a couple dozen splotches of batter onto the griddle and cracked a dozen or so eggs. He grabbed a handful of shredded potatoes and tossed those on as well then proceeded to mash them up with the eggs. A scream broke the noise of the sizzling food, Joe and Charles shot a knowing glance at one another.

By the gods, if they do that another time Ill throw them out!

Julia had walked out of the bathroom after taking her shower, she didnt see any towels in there so she simply walked out flaunting off her still dripping wet body to everyone in the room.

The twins were always jealous of Julia as she had breasts a couple sizes bigger than theirs.

I see youve met the twins! Julia said walking over to an armoire and bending over to grab a towel. In the process she flashed everyone on the bed her plump ass that just begged to be molested it seemed.

Want to join in with us Jules? We miss you in bed! Jane said sitting up and moving her legs so she sat Indian style.

Mmmmmm, tempting. Julia sauntered over to the three girls and got on the bed. She didnt waste any time in muff diving Beth and fingering the twins pussies.

OOHHH! All three girls moaned out as Julia expertly brought them to orgasms in a matter of seconds. The twins got up and moved so they were behind Julia, Jane got underneath her and Alice stayed standing up. Both girls grabbed their now fully hard cocks and rubbed them against both of Julias holes making her hum into Beths pussy. They both plunged into her at the same time, Jane getting her pussy and Alice her ass, Julia screamed out in pleasure right up Beths hole setting Beth off into another orgasm. Oh shit, OH Shit shit shit! OF FUCKME! Julia yelled out as the twins pummeled her from both holes.

Im gonna cum! Alice said as she felt Julias ass clamp down on tighter on the invading prick. Me too! Jane said wrapping her arms around Julias waist and hugging tightly up into her. The two girls exploded into Julia sending rope after sticky rope of cum up her holes. This sent Julia into another earth shaking orgasm as she began to finger Beth faster and faster, she now had almost her whole hand up the girls cunt. Beth was loving the vibrations up her pussy and the attention that Julia was paying to her clit as she exploded into yet another orgasm for the morning. After Alice was done shooting her cum she slid out of Julias ass and moved over to Beth and shoved her cock into the girls mouth, Beth instantly started to suck on this dick loving the taste of Julias ass juices combined with Alices cum.

Jane on the other hand was passed out under Julia, a happy and fully pleased smile across her face.

I think we need some food now! Julia said getting up off the bed, Janes dick made a funny popping sound as it slid out of her pussy which made all three of the girls laugh.

(To Be Continued)

Ok I guess I should explain as to why this took so long for me to write and post.
First hiccup was got a good 4 thousand words in and I was thinking Damn Im good! Then I go back and read it, I didnt write one sex scene. So I delete that entire thing.
I then go back again and write another 3 thousand words and see that my sex scenes are like a PG-13 trying to be an R movie, BAAAD!
I then had a family reunion to celebrate my grand fathers 80th. I didnt really think that it was a good time to say Excuse me guys, Ive got to go and write my porno. So that took out an entire week.

So sorry for the wait but I hope that I made things right with a few readers with what I did with the story by making him back into an immortal.
Also the sex in this Im hoping will make up for the past two chapters that didnt have any in them.

Again your comments about what I should do with the story are a big help with how I make the story unfold. Keep them coming, same with the PMs, and Ill try to keep these coming out at a better rate.

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