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My brothers house
Donald Dentley 2017

When my twin brother goes on holiday I go to house sit for him. He has a fantastic house but I’m not going to describe that. It’s the garden that is important for this story. The place is situated halfway along a farm road. So pretty isolated. There is a another house almost opposite. Although he has a very small front yard the back garden is enormous and is surrounded by tall beach hedges. This means that the house, and especially the rear garden, are very private. He also has a large terraced area leading to a swimming pool. Not olympic size but big enough to be able to do laps. So when I go there in summer and the weather permits I spend my days and nights naked. I keep a robe by the front door in case there are callers, but that is a rare event. I cook, eat, sleep, read, swim, look after the garden, and clean the house in my birthday suit. It’s very relaxing after the stress of city life.

One day I was giving the lawn it’s weekly trim when I heard what sounded like giggling. I should explain that at the back of the garden there was an arch in the beach hedge which led to a strip of ground where my brother kept all his garden junk. The compost heaps, an old tool shed, a wheelbarrow and assorted gardening implements. The plot was delineated by a chain link fence with some fields and shrubs on the other side. I noticed out of the corner of my eye three school girls. They had obviously seen me. I pretended not to hear or notice them, but spent some time fiddling with the lawnmower giving them plenty of opportunity to look at me in different poses, most of which gave good views of my arse and/or my cock and balls. I’d half expected them to have their giggle and go away, but they stayed watching. So I picked up the bin of grass cuttings and walked towards and then through the arch in the hedge to the compost heap. Only when I had emptied the grass cuttings did I look up. I pretended to be surprised. Still they just stood on the other side of the fence and giggled. So I put my hands on my hips, faced them and said: “So girls are you enjoying what you see?”. The middle one nodded, so I said: “Want to have a closer look?”

I didn’t get any reply so I put my cock and balls through one of the openings in the chain link fence and told the girls they could have a much better look and even touch it if they wanted. Of course they giggled a bit but one of them did tentatively touch my penis. It started to swell because the situation was in some way erotic. I told them that if they stroked my penis, it would get bigger and harder. They did! At first very hesitantly, and then with more confidence as my cock grew to its full extent. I had to show them how to hold the shaft with the thumb and two fingers moving over the head and foreskin. I also told them they should feel my balls. A mistake because at first they were a bit rough. They learnt quickly though. I was definitely enjoying the attention and they were taking it in turns to play with my dick. After a while I said: “You can kiss it if you like. Lick it as well! That feels good for me!” The right hand girl who until now had seemed the least daring took up the challenge. First she tentatively kissed the head of my cock and then she licked it. I asked her if it tasted nice and she said it did. Then the others wanted to have a go. The middle girl was the last and when she was licking my dick I said she could try taking it into her mouth. She didn’t look as shocked as I had expected and she took the head and the first quarter of my shaft into her mouth. Oh boy, what an experience! The soft and the hard. The softness of her lips gliding over the head. The hardness off her little teeth which I felt occasionally as she took my dick inside her mouth. On the one hand exciting on the other hand frightening. What if she bit down? They all had a go and I could tell that none of them had ever sucked cock before.photo_2018-05-06_08-41-24

I was getting pretty heated and was about to show them what a happy ending meant for me. Then I had another idea. I said: “You know I’m going to be walking around all afternoon with my thing here stiff and banging from one side to the other. Can one of you girls lend me your knickers?”. The blond haired girl on the left giggled again and slid her panties down over her trainers and pushed then through the chainlink fence. I put them on, even though they were a bit tight. Navy blue and a soft material. They pretty much contained my balls but only about a quarter of my shaft. The rest poked out, but they had the effect of holding my dick erect and straight up. This made all of them giggle some more. The middle girl took off her knickers and pushed them through the fence. Silky white they were but she teased me by saying that my dick would look better poking out of her panties. I don’t know whether that was true but I was happy to let them decide. I have to say the second girls panties were too tight and therefore a bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t avoid displaying myself (half) in them. I looked at the third lass questioningly but she simply lifted up her dress and winked. Shit! She wasn’t wearing panties. I had a glimpse of a beautiful hairless, somewhat puffy pussy.

I was enjoying showing off but suddenly they said they had to go. It was the end of their sport period and they had to get back to the school building. They asked for their panties back but I said that if they wanted them they’d have to come and collect them after school. They looked a bit pissed off and I didn’t really expect them to turn up. But they did! Around ten past four the front door bell went. I keep a bathrobe by the front door in case I have to answer it but when I looked through the spy glass I didn’t bother to put it on. I just opened the door stark naked. If I thought it would surprise them I was wrong. They didn’t bat an eyelid but said they’d come to get back the missing panties. I asked them in and there was only a moments hesitation. I asked them if they’d like a drink, perhaps a coke. I got two nods so I told all three to go through the hall and dining room onto the terrace at the back of the house and I’d get the drinks. I prepared a tray with three cans of coke and three glasses, a can of beer for myself and two pairs of panties. They were standing on the terrace obviously impressed. Well they should have been really, because my brother has a super terrace which includes a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a sauna. I gestured that they should sit down and put the drinks on a table indicating that they should help themselves whilst I got a few snacks. When I got back with some nibbles that had settled themselves and were sipping their drinks. The panties were still on the tray. I said: “Hi perhaps we should exchange names. Mine is Jim and I’d prefer to have names for you other than ‘Blue panties’, ‘White panties’ and ‘No panties’. ’No panties’ laughed that it wouldn’t be much good. She stood up hitched up her dress to show nice pink panties. She told me her name was Jenny. Then the other two stood up and hitched up there skirts. Both with no panties, but I didn’t get a good look at their cunts. The original ‘Blue panties’ was called Jilly and she was black haired unlike her two friends who were mousy blond. The name of ’White panties’ was June.

I wasn’t sure how to play this, but I shouldn’t have worried. It was warm and the pool looked inviting. June said that the pool looked good and that it was a shame they hadn’t got swimsuits. I pointed out that they didn’t need them. I was already stark naked and I really didn’t mind if they swam without swimsuits. They looked at each other and seemed to reach consensus very quickly. They stripped off and jumped in the pool. Wow! Three pubescent girls splashing around, enjoying themselves, totally uninhibited. Giggling, squealing with pleasure as they pushed each other under. I noticed that they tended to touch each other more than was actually necessary. In and out of the pool they went, so that I could see all the charms of their young bodies. I felt I needed to cool off so I jumped in as well. At first they stayed their distance from me but then they again seemed to reach consensus and started to play a game where they swam between my legs.

Occasionally one of them brushed my cock and I started to get an erection. I know that they noticed this because they became a little less touchy. I decided not to push my luck in the water so I got out, but my stiffy wasn’t going to go away. I didn’t want it to! They looked and giggled but continued their games. After a time they decided to come out of the pool and asked if I had towels for them. I said that of course I had, but they’d have to let me dry them off. Jilly just shrugged and the others seemed to find it OK. I fetched three sauna towels and three bath towels. I told them to lie face down on the sauna towels, which they did. I started with Jenny drying her shoulders arms and then working down her back to her buttocks. When I got there I noticed that her breathing changed but I didn’t push it and I continued to dry her lovely little legs and feet. Then I moved to June and repeated the procedure. The only difference was that when I started on Junes buttocks she open her legs a bit so that I could dry between them. Only briefly! The half view of a lovely cameltoe! Jilly was next and she was almost exhibitionist – if that’s possible lying on your stomach. Let me tell you that my erection wasn’t going away!

I told them to turn over and now I really started to enjoy myself. drying those lovely little bodies. Titties not fully formed, but still they liked them being rubbed. Ah, but the little pussies! Yes they liked it when I dried them as well. One by one I dried them and then, in turn I rubbed them some more. I’d started with Jilly and when I’d been rubbing her fanny for a while she started to sigh and wriggle. I guess she was improving my movements. It was a bit of a problem though because I wanted all three to reach a climax. I was pretty sure they were able to! So I had to leave Jilly for a while and start on Jenny. She was also enjoying the attention. Both titties and pussy! Then I had to move on to June. The same treatment except that when I was massaging her lovely, smooth cunny and she was starting to sigh and wriggle with appreciation I noticed that Jilly had started rubbing herself. I realised I wasn’t going to get them off without some lubrication so I took a gamble. I straddled Jilly and started licking her pussy, first gently and then with a little more strength to slightly part the pussy lips.

My erection was, of course, just above her face and she seemed instinctively to know what to do. She started rubbing my shaft and then gave it some tentative licks which made the rubbing smoother and easier. Her cunny was now well lubricated and so I could start using my index finger to stimulate her clit. I was rubbing the hood when she starting to wriggle and sigh so it seemed I was hitting the right spot. Don’t laugh! I know where to find the right spot but I also know that women (and girls) have very different sized clits and that direct clitoral stimulation is often unpleasant. I was also a little worried that Jenny and June would get bored. I shouldn’t have worried they were watching intently and Jenny had started to massage her own fanny whilst June was licking her nipples. So I carried on with Jilly using my nose and tongue until she started to buck and push her fanny harder into my face, then she shuddered and moaned. Her orgasm lasted maybe a minute before she said “Wow! That was great!”

I looked enquiringly at Jenny who just nodded so I moved over and started to finger her gently. She was already quite moist from her own efforts. I rubbed her mons and up and down her slit. Then I changed position and used the head of my dick to rub her crack. I didn’t do this for long for two reasons: Firstly I was afraid of ejaculating and secondly I didn’t think she wasn’t enjoying it as much as the finger. Then I started on her with my nose and tongue. This also seemed to be a winner for her and it wasn’t long before she too was wriggling and bucking. She started to moan and sigh and very shortly afterwards she started almost shouting: “Yes, yes, oh YES”. She was thrashing around so much I had to hold her hips but this only brought on her climax which was short but seemed very intense.

So it was Junes turn. I realise that I haven’t really described the girls but June was the shortest and, although not skinny, she was surely the lightest.So instead of pleasuring her whilst she was lying down I picked her up turned her upside down with her legs over my shoulders so I could get my mouth onto her twat. Even with her light weight I couldn’t manage this for long. Holding her by her waist whilst I ate her out. She seemed to enjoy it and managed to get my cock partly into her mouth as well. I had to break off because either I would have dropped her or I would have cum all over her face. I don’t think she, indeed any of the girls, would have been ready for that! What I did do was to turn her round and place her legs either side of my throbbing and very hard cock. Holding her wrists so that she lent a bit forwards I was able to slide my prick back and forth across her pussy. Jilly and Jenny, who had both recovered a little, came to help hold June whist I thrust back and forth. I’m not sure June was getting too much out of it but I was sure getting close. With the help of the other two girls I’d managed to get one hand back in use to help keep the pressure from my cock on her pussy. Suddenly I noticed her go very still and then she jerked and screamed. It was bloody lucky that she didn’t force me into her but it was a close thing. She twitched for a while and then became still. We put her down and I told the girls it was time for a cuddle and so they all snuggled up to me as best they could and Jilly even started to grind her cunt along my leg.photo_2018-05-08_06-57-46

I said: “OK. It’s my turn now. Let me feel as much of you as I can but don’t stand in front of me.” I stood up and got June and Jilly to rub their pussies along my leg. Jenny I asked to gently massage my balls. I started moving my hand up and down my shaft slowly and first but then picking up a bit of speed. It obviously wasn’t going to take very long and within a very short time the first gush of semen shot out of me. It must have travelled a good meter. I heard a few gasps from the girls, but I was in the midst of my orgasm and I didn’t pay much heed. The second and third jets were also a good volume but by then I was getting drained and the next stokes just produced dribble and a few, slightly more substantial, gobs of cum. It was a bloody great finish for me but just in case I asked them if they’d like to lick the hood of my cock clean. There were no takers but that didn’t matter because I was pretty much done. I flopped down on a recliner and the girls went back to the pool for a swim and splash. I must have nodded off because I was woken by a fully-clothed Jilly who said they had to get back home. I asked if they’d like to come by again. I said that the Thursday would be good because my niece, who was about their age, would be visiting me. They were rather non-commital, but I’d had a great time and didn’t want to be pushy.

I should say something about my niece. Her name is Tina and she’s the daughter of my older brother – not my twin brother who owns the house. Tina was introduced to sex by her father a year or so ago and we three brothers kind of share her affection as well as her considerable charms. I love it when she visits, which is not often because she has school and music lessons and all sorts of things. When she visits me we spend the time naked and we fuck often and we sleep curled up together which means I wake up each morning with a hardon. So when she arrived on Thursday afternoon and we’d got stripped off we already into re-exploring each others bodies and I was so involved that I’d forgotten about my invitation to the three J’s. So when the doorbell rang I was tempted to ignore it. I’m glad I didn’t. The three girls were there and so, of course, I asked them in. I left my robe by the door and went back to the pool area where Tina and I had been playing with each other. With my boner in full view I introduced the three J’s to Tina. She gave each of them a peck on the cheek and invited them to strip off and enjoy the water. I offered to get the girls drinks. It was an offer that was less than altruistic. The beer, three cokes and a lemonade as well as some chips and nuts gave me the opportunity to pop a little blue pill. I reckoned I’d be needing some help keeping my end up that afternoon. When I returned to the pool the girls were having a great time splashing around in the pool. Then they got out and started throwing a beach ball around. Wonderful to watch! Four lovely young bodies with nothing to hide. My erection was as hard as it was going to get and eventually Tina pretended to notice it for the first time. She came over to where I was lying and kissed the tip of my cock. Then she took my hood into her mouth and moved her lips over it once or twice. Then she jumped on top of me so that I could kiss and lick her little fanny. The three J’s drifted over to look on and Jenny murmured that I was good with my tongue.

Tina said my tongue was not the best part and she’d show them something much better. She turned round to face me and guided my cock onto the lips of her cunt. Then she slowly slid down on my shaft. The three J’s looked on with different expressions. Jenny looked excited, Jilly looked shocked and June looked curious. Of course Tina was an expert at riding me. She could take me all and I think at least two of the J’s were amazed that I could get so far inside my little niece. Tina was really good. She could move from cowboy to reverse cowboy without having to take me out of her love hole. Tina was really getting into it and after about five minutes she was reaching her climax. Trouble was that when she started to groan and twist and spasm I couldn’t hold it anymore. I groaned and ejaculated over and over again until my cum was leaking out of her. Eventually she collapsed on me and kissed me. I returned her kiss and stroked her lovely little bum. The great thing about the little blue pills is that you do go limp but you get up again very quickly when there’s stimulation.

Tina could manage this herself but this time she asked the girls if they’d like to try to ride my rod. June seemed quite keen to try and I left it to Tina to explain that if June had never fucked before the first time could be painful. She also said, with a little shy laugh, that it got a lot, lot better. She told June that she had to get me excited again and that perhaps it would be an idea if June started to wriggle over me, occasionally stroking my cock. Then on Tinas suggestion she took me in her mouth. Although she wasn’t so good at it I was stiff again and ready for action. Tina took it upon herself to show June how to sit on top of me and guide my penis into her vagina. When she started to slide down on me and I felt the obstruction Tina told June to take a deep breath and push down hard. She did that and screamed in pain and jumped off me. She hopped around sobbing with her hands between her legs. Fortunately Tina put her arms around her and soothed her and suggested a warm shower and they went off together. Jenny asked me if it was always like that and of course I said that it wasn’t – even though my experience is very limited. She then sat on top of me and positioned me for entry into her pussy. My cock was bloody from June but wet and glistening from Tina so I didn’t need to suggest any lubrication. When I entered Jenny and she pressed down I felt no resistance and I realised that this was not her first time.

I suspect it was not her first or second or third time because she knew exactly how to make things good for herself. She was very acrobatic and it didn’t seem very long before she started to pant and then moan and finally scream gently that she was coming. Fantastic! She collapsed on top of me and for some strange reason thanked me. I hadn’t cum again and so I was still stiff when Jenny got off me. I looked at Jilly sort of asking her with my look if she was ready to try. Obviously she thought that if it could be OK – better than OK – for Jenny then it would be OK for her. She took her position above my torso, took my penis in her left hand and moved the head back and forth across her pussy lips. She was obviously nervous and although Tina wasn’t there to help, June was. And June knew what she was doing! She helped Jilly get the right angle and pushed her down slowly when the obstruction of the hymen became apparent. Jilly gasped and her eyes glistened with tears but she didn’t try to get off. I was smart enough not to try to move myself so that she could find the least painful way of sliding up and down my dick.

I’m sure it wasn’t great for her. I really don’t know whether the first time is ever great for girls. I do know that it does get good. At least for most girls. After a while Jilly’s breathing started to become more ragged. She started to grasp my nipples. Even though I don’t enjoy that much I just wanted her to get what she wanted. Not surprisingly she took it slowly but after five minutes or so she started to pick up tempo and when I was fully inside her she was enjoying grinding her fanny against my pubic bone. I could sense that she was going to cum but it took a good while before she eventually got up enough steam, lost all inhibitions and reached a crashing and noisy climax. Tina and June had returned from the shower and were, unknown to me, watching Jilly ride me. They giggled and applauded and kissed Jilly.

June then she said she wanted to try again. I sat up and I kissed her and I stroked her. I massaged her back and thighs and buttocks and then I turned her over and massaged her breasts then her stomach and finally her lovely pussy. I teased her pussy. I licked it. I tongued her. I rubbed my finger up and down her slit, occasionally putting slightly more pressure at the top where her clitoral hood was getting hard. She was enjoying the gentleness and I thought that maybe, now she’d been penetrated, that she would prefer the intimacy of the missionary position. I didn’t want to put my full weight on her but I positioned myself above her and slowly slid into her. We were both well lubricated so, although she gasped when I pushed in, she didn’t cry or complain. In fact after I started thrusting back and forth I could tell from her behaviour that she was getting excited. After a little while, when I was able to be a bit more active without causing her pain she started to grab my back and buttocks. Her nails were sharp and I was sure I was going to be scratched badly. What the hell! She was getting really close and eventually she exploded and when she did she took me with her. My ejaculate cannot have been much but it was pretty stupid of me not to have taken precautions. Even so it was an unforgettable orgasm.

What an afternoon! I was glad to be able to come down both mentally and in the penile sense. It had been an almost three hour erection with little intermission and my dick was rather sore. I think we all dozed for a while until Tina decided she was hungry and woke us all up. I’m a pretty good cook but I knew the kids preferred simple stuff so I went to the kitchen to make some hamburgers and to make some french fries. When I got back with the food the girls were all dressed again. Well it was getting dusk I suppose. Of course Tina stayed and the girls left for their homes.

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