Damsel in Distress

Author: Max Blitz

The groaning girl fell over backwards. The devilish spines embedded in her nipples had given them some backbone, which forced those tender tit tips to remain stiffly at attention. With her lying flat on her back and her nipples standing stiffly upright, Tiffany’s tits made superb sundials. While she kept track of the time, Tiffany could see the boy grinning down at her from his bedroom window; for this next stage of her plan had left her barely able to move other than to shudder now and again, her tits quivering nicely.

“Now I know how a worm feels,” she moaned, thinking of the grubs in which the parasitoid mind-controlling wasps she had learned about in Entomology class implanted their eggs. The wasps last night must have mistaken her long, hard nipples for their usual prey, she thought.

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