better than yoga

Introduction: story featuring Tianna Gregory what the hell, Tianna yelled out as she checked the time on her phone.

It was three oclock in an early November as the 5ft6 brunette beauty laid in bed had been about three hours since she threw on her long black t-shirt after a shower and lay down in her big bed. She had been dead tired since the minute she woke up the morning before and was looking forward to some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, her mind had other plans.

Tianna shut her eyes and tried sleep but had no success. She tossed and turned for an hour, trying to find her best comfort spot and again failing. She readjusted her pillow, she switched blankets and even pulled the shirt off of her body and tried to sleep in the nude but nothing was working.

As the clock struck three, Tianna sat up and angrily tossed her blankets aside. Standing up, she turned the light on and went into her closet. She swam through the row of clothes. She tossed a tight red tank top out on to the ground outside the closet. A black sports bra, black cotton panties and black yoga pants followed out.

Tianna walked out, tying her flowing chestnut hair into a ponytail. She quickly slipped on the sports bra which held her breasts tightly up against the fabric. Slipping on her panties, yoga pants and tank top, she was ready for a late night workout. As she exited her room, she stopped at a closet and retrieved her sneakers, workout bag and yoga mat. She quickly ran downstairs, grabbed her keys and left her Hollywood home.

Since it was so late at night or, more accurately, early in the morning, there was no traffic for Tianna to maneuver through on her way to the gym in her brand new lexus. She knew that the gym was on a twenty-four hour schedule so there was no worry about driving to an empty building. As she pulled into the parking lot, she let out a deep yawn.

Oh fuck you, she cursed at herself.

Tianna got out of her car and grabbed her bag and mat before jogging to the door. As she walked in, she noticed that there was no one waiting at the front desk. Since she usually came to the gym during the day, she figured that it was just normal for the overnight hours and walked through. Never before had she seen the usually-bustling fitness center so empty. There was not a soul in sight as she made it to the designated yoga area.

After she lay her soft, black mat on the ground, Tianna sat down cross-legged and took a deep breath. She cleared her thoughts and put herself on an island in her mind. Slowly, she started to stretch her muscles and begin her usual routine. For a good ten minutes, she was in her own world and feeling the full physical benefits.

Even though the gym was almost completely silent, the brunette beauty was too focused on her yoga to realize that an employee had been standing a few feet away watching her do her routine. After a few seconds, the man finally decided to make himself known.

How goes the workout? he said as she was in mid-position.

Fuck, she said as the surprise caused her to fall down.

Damn, Im sorry, he said as he extended a hand.

Its fine, I just wasnt expecting it, she said as she rolled onto her back and looked up at the man. She smiled as their eyes met and she grabbed his hand. Im Tianna, she said as he pulled her up.

Im alex, he responded as she made it to her feet.

How long were you standing behind me, she said as her brown eyes remained locked to his bright blue ones.

This is going to sound creepy but about five minutes, alex said with a nervous chuckle.

Pervert! she yelled as she held her hand back, ready to slap him. He flinched before she dropped her hand and started laughing. Just kidding!

Tianna looked his body up and down before getting back on the mat and crossing her legs. She went through her routine again while alex looked on. She slipped into a downward-facing dog pose, pointing her round ass at the focused instructor. He noticed that her legs were not straightened properly.

Let me help you with that, he said as he moved next to her.

Alex stood behind her and leaned on to her lower body. Troian straightened her legs to support his weight and looked back at him.

Enjoying yourself? she asked as he bent forward and pushed down on her back, straightening it as well.

You werent straightening yourself, I had to fix that, he said as his body draped over hers.

That wasnt what I was talking about, she said as she gently wiggled her ass against the large bulge in his shorts.

Oh, didnt even notice that, he said nervously, trying to sound sincere.

Sure you didnt. You also werent staring at my ass either, right? she said.

Nope, he said as he pulled himself off of her.

You are a terrible liar, she said as she dropped to her knees and lifted her body up until she knelt in front of him. Im not an idiot. You like what youre seeing arent you?

Its not that, I… the fit instructor stammered while Tianna smiled at his nervousness.

This says otherwise, she said as she grasped the bulge in front of her. This is a nice one. How big are you?

I…uh…I dont… he stammered while she tugged and squeezed as his package.

Fuck it, she said before grabbing the loose shorts and yanking them down.

She lifted his legs up to free the shorts and tossed them aside. She then pulled his underwear down, revealing his solid seven-inch cock. Her eyes went wide as his member stood straight ahead just inches from her face.

Wow, I havent seen one this big in a while, she said as she thoroughly inspected his rod.

I…um, th-th-thank you, he said, still nervously stuttering.

Dont be nervous Alex, just enjoy, she said, trying to bring him back down to earth.

Alex smiled down at Tianna as she smiled back. The happy actress looked back down at his throbbing cock and grabbed hold of it. She heard him gasp as her fingers tickled his sensitive head. Slowly, she started to stroke him while she began to lick her lips.

Its been so long since have one of these to play with, she whispered as her other hand joined the fun.

Tianna stuck her tongue out as she pumped him fast with both of her hands tightly gripped around him. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and winked at him. Before he could respond, her left hand dropped to her side and her mouth engulfed his massive member. She quickly covered all seven inches of him with her warm, watery mouth. Her moist tongue slid across the lower base as she started to pull back slowly.

Within a few seconds, her head was bobbing roughly against alexs cock. He closed his eyes as the head bumped rapidly against the back of her throat. Sounds of sloshing saliva and light gagging were the only sounds that could be heard in the building. After a minute, she pulled away from him and wiped the trail of slobber from the corner of her mouth. She looked up at him and motioned towards the doorway.

Alex turned and saw a couple entering the gym. Quickly, he pulled his underwear up and grabbed his shorts before scurrying into the restroom. Tianna softly giggled as she stretched her arms out to make it seem like she was in the middle of a workout.

The couple went onto the treadmills, which faced away from the yoga area. As alex exited the restroom, fully dressed, he stared at her who blew him a kiss before turning around, dropping her head down and deeply arching her back. He smiled as he saw her ass once again, hugged tight by the stretchy fabric of her pants.

For about twenty minutes, alex stared on as tianna maneuvered into several very provocative positions. Every new position she tried properly showed either her ass stuck out or crotch spread wide. He wanted so bad to tackle her, tear every stitch of clothes off of her and make rough love to her. He felt as if his cock would explode out of his pants. Both of them were praying that the couple would leave soon and let them tend to their primal urges.

Luckily for the two horny lovebirds, the treadmills shut off and the couple headed out of the gym. The second their car pulled away, alex ran over to the door and locked it, hanging the out for lunch sign on the handle and drawing the shade down. All windows were on the upper third of the walls, out of eye level, so there would be no way for anyone to see what was about to happen.

Once alex turned back towards Tianna, his jaw almost hit the ground at the sight he saw. His beautiful new friend had pulled her black tights off and tossed them across the room. Her legs were spread wide as her hand rubbed against the massive wet spot of her panties. She had a devilish smile and a come get some look in her sparkling eyes.

Alex walked over to her, swiftly removing his grey t-shirt. Tianna took a deep breath and sucked on her bottom lip as the athletic man quickly came closer. Once in front of her, he placed his hand on her chest and softly pushed her down until she was flat on her back. She threw her hands back until they were next to her head as he grabbed the waistband of her panties and gently slid them down her legs.

The young, employees mouth watered as he saw a cleaned hairless pussy behind the moist, cotton cover. Her panties quickly found their way on to the floor. Tianna sneakers remained on her feet as he lifted her legs into the air, giving her a good look at them. Without hesitation, alexs tongue darted deep into the welcoming entrance of the brunettes vagina.

Tianna moaned and squirmed as his warm tongue tasted the hot juices which coated the walls of her tight pussy. She giggled as his nose brushed against her wispy pubic hair and deeply inhaled. She started to arch her back and push her rather small chest into the air.

Alex slid his hand under her tight shirt and began to push it up her body. As it approached her bra, she grabbed onto the red shirt and roughly pulled it off of her sweaty body. He grasped the front of her bra and pushed it up to expose her breasts. She quickly pulled it off as well and started pinching at her nipples.

Tianna slid away from him for a second to position herself on her hands and knees. Alex started to move his face to her exposed crotch when she stopped him.

Enough playing around, just fuck me already, she said before winking and facing forward.

Alex struck his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide as he lifted himself to his knees. He gave each cheek a light smack before grabbing hold of his cock and pushing it between her extremely moist lips. Tianna let out a deep moan as she finally felt his throbbing dick stretch her tight pussy. She tilted her head back and took a deep breath while his thrusts increased in rhythm.

The young man rapidly slammed his cock into her soaking wet cunt. His balls slapped hard against her bulging clit, causing her to moan louder and faster.

Oh yes…yes…god yes, she repeated as the level of pleasure in her lower regions increased.

They remained locked in a doggy-style position for several minutes, though their pace did not decrease one bit. The slapping sound of her ass against alex pelvis was loudly spreading throughout the empty gym. Tianna looked to her right and saw a mirror against the wall, giving her full-on look at the intense sexual action she was experiencing. She smiled as she saw the sparkling residue of her pussy shine on his cock as he pulled back.

Alex noticed she was staring at the mirror and hatched an idea. Slowly he turned her around until she was facing it head on. The brunette stared at the mirror as she panted, smiling and nibbling at her lips. She balanced herself on one hand and began roughly squeezing at her breasts, making sure to watch with focus. Alex watched as well, loving each of the new expressions that her exotic face could form. He was surprised that his cock was not jetting out cum at this point, but there was an orgasm about to explode between them.

Tianna breathing had gotten very rapid and her moans higher in pitch. Beads of sweat trailed down her entire face as her body shined in a glaze of sweat as well. Her eyes went wide and her jaw hung low as every muscle in her body began to tense up. Her vaginal walls closed tightly around Alexs cock and released a high volume of her sticky, sweet juices. The orgasm washed over her slowly as her body froze, only twitching every few seconds. She was in a complete haze of pleasure.

As her orgasm began to subside, she gently lowered her head to the mat as alex pulled out of her red-hot cunt. He instantly started rubbing his slick cockhead against her tightly-puckered ass hole. She looked back at him and nodded before reaching back for his hands. He grabbed her wrists and slowly slid his cock into her ass.

While she was not one to constantly have anal sex, Tianna was experienced enough in the act to know exactly how it would feel. She gritted her teeth and groaned as all seven inches, coated in her ultra-slick juices, fit inside her.

Alex grabbed her by the wrists and started fucking her roughly once again. She was definitely one to like her sex very hard. She closed her eyes and buried her face into the sweaty mat as she felt her ass being almost split in two. She made sure to keep her moans and groans as loud as ever, which only encouraged alex to go harder and faster.

While Tianna pussy was tighter than he had expected, alex was even more surprised by how tight her asshole was. He had given anal before to less experienced girls who were nowhere near as tight as the twenty-eight year old in front of him. The unexpected vise-like grip was all that he needed to reach his finish line.

She instinctively could tell that alex was about to end the passionate session and pulled herself away from him. She lay flat on the ground as he crawled over her. He gently rested his ass on her chest and violently shook his cock, just inches from her beautiful face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as he started to groan.

Alex shot glob after glob of his thick, creamy cum onto Tianna waiting face. She caught some of his cum in her mouth but ended up catching most of it on her nose and cheeks. She lightly giggled as he wiped the remaining cum from his cock on to her chin, leaving a trail of glaze as it slid across her smooth skin.

She hungrily scooped the cum off of her face, tasting it and smiling while alex slid off of her. He wiped the sweat off his brow and caught his breath while watching her eat his baby batter. After completely cleaning her face, the worn out starlet slowly sat up and took a deep stretch.

Mmm, that was fantastic, Tianna said as she slowly rose to her feet.

Absolutely, alex responded before kissing her wet pussy lips one more time.

You sure know how to properly fuck a girl. I might have to make some more late night gym trips, she said as she gathered her clothes and started to dress.

Alex happily watched as the slender girl covered her still-sweaty body in her workout clothes once again. He himself got dressed and walked her to the front door.

You working tomorrow? she asked him.

Yes maam, he said as he unlocked the door.

See you tomorrow night then.

Tianna pulled him close for a deep kiss before exiting the gym and heading for her car. As soon as she sat in the drivers seat, she checked her phone to see that it was 4:30 in the morning. She yawned and instantly fell asleep, capping off a long but amazing night.

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