About my Asian wife

Author: lastmaninline40

Everything I post here will be fiction.
I have been married to my Asian wife now for 15 years and have fantasized about her with other men many times.
To be sure I am positive that she has cuckolded my many times although she wont admit to it but I can tell by the way she openly flirts with almost any guy that comes around and even flaunts it in my face but still she denies it when I ask.
I have told her that I would like to watch her with other men but she just says I couldn’t do something like that with you watching but several times when she is very horny when I come home and asks be to eat her I am sure I can taste another mans cum in her and she is always very wet when she dose this and I am sure she dose this knowing that I know she has been freshly fucked.
I know that she has very powerful orgasms when she dose this and I can see her eyes dancing with mischief looking down at me while I lick her pussy.
I have masturbated and tasted my own cum to make sure and it is the same.
The story I write will all be about how I would someday like to watch her with other men.

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