The Taking of Elizabeth: Chapter 2

Introduction: Hello and thank you for coming by to read. Once again, this story is completely fictional. I have never nor do I know anyone who has ever experienced anything like this. This is purely a fantasy based story. There are sensitive subjects such as slavery, sexual abuse, and rape in this story. If youre uncomfortable with that, please turn back now. Hope you enjoy! Kurt didnt really give Elizabeth much of a choice in taking the tour around his house. The entire time, his hand was entangled with her blonde locks of hair. And if she took one step too far from him, he sure as hell didnt hesitate to tug at the roots. His house was large and equipped with only the best that money could buy. She wondered how he could afford such a place since he was obviously not much older than her, but didnt dare open her mouth to ask.

He led her through the living room, the den, the kitchen, then down a long corridor upstairs. All the while, she was still naked from her previous encounter with him. Finally, Kurt opened the second door to the right in the hallway and released her hair, gesturing for her to enter.

Elizabeth stared at him skeptically for a moment, thinking this was some sort of trap. But she didnt have much of a choice other than to obey his orders, so she nodded and stepped through the door. From behind her Kurt stepped in as well, closing the door behind him, This is your bedroom.

The blonde looked around, surprised to see that it was just any normal bedroom other than the bars on her windows. Her lips turned into a small frown as she walked further into the room, laying her hand on the queen-sized mattress which was dressed with only the finest satin. She turned to face Kurt then, shaking her head slowly, I dont get it&hellip, Why me..? Her voice was quiet, and she was half-afraid of earning another slap on her cheek.

That smirk returned to the terribly handsome sick bastard standing only feet from her. Elizabeth, I paid for you. You were the perfect candidate, he said in a matter-of-fact way. He shrugged his broad shoulders, stepping slowly toward her, but not necessarily intimidatingly so, You were so innocent, so unsuspecting. And you have no one to look for you&hellip,

A sting of pain hit Elizabeth in her chest and her frown furthered, brows furrowing, FUCK you. You know nothing about me!

The smirk slipped from his lips as she cursed at him, and Kurt reached for her, grabbing her face in his stern hand. He leaned in close to her face so that she could feel his hot breath pooling against her face as he spoke, I know you more than you know, princess. I would learn to bite that pretty fucking tongue of yours, if I were you.

Fear-stricken, the blonde shut her trap quickly. She stared up at him, into his raging face, then nodded slowly in agreement with him. She would need to learn to behave. She knew how much pain shed be in if she kept being so defiant. This was her life now she would need to accept that. Im&hellip, Im sorry&hellip, the words came out hesitantly and felt sour on her tongue.

He released her face, and then unexpectedly slapped her hard. Elizabeth fell back a few steps, raising one of her own shaking hands to the burning spot on her face. She looked up at him in disbelief, wondering what shed done wrong. Master or Sir, his voice came as a mighty roar, a lion commanding respect in his home, You will always address me as one or the other, slave.

Elizabeth felt her legs tremble beneath her and cautiously nodded again to him, I-Im sorry, Sir&hellip,
He eyed her for a moment before the anger on his face dissipated, then walked back toward the door and opened it for her, Come. There are a few more things you need to see.


Kurt showed Elizabeth where the bathrooms were located, as well as a built-in library and home gym. He informed her that she was always allowed to ask permission to use the library and the gym, and that she would most likely be granted access as long as she was good. A few more doors down, though, they reached a door painted black and he grinned back at her, This is where the fun happens.

The door creaked open, and Elizabeth couldnt hide her curiosity as she peeked inside. There was a big arm chair inside, as well as a wooden bench and a black leather stool. The one window in the room was blacked out and along the deep red walls there were various hooks with whips, floggers, ropes, and chains hanging on them.

The small blonde couldnt help but feel her heart skip beats at just the thought of what kind of fun Kurt would have with her in there. And she felt just the slightest sliver of excitement as well&hellip, With wide eyes, she looked back to the smiling man, A-Are you going to hurt me, Sir..?

He chuckled at her words, A bit, yes. But I wont do anything you cant handle. His electric green eyes gazed into her blue hues with a sense of longing. She could tell he was already playing out his darkest fantasies in his head. She frowned and looked down over her naked body. His cum was still slowly seeping out over her inner thighs. Kurt spoke up again then, You are mine, Elizabeth. I will do with you as I please.

Why do you keep saying that?! Elizabeth asked, confusion on her soft features, Im not some object that has a price tag&hellip, y-you said earlier that you paid for me, but what is that even supposed to mean? Im a person not fucking c-cattle! Her voice was panicky. And the more she thought about how helpless this situation was, the more she spoke without thinking. But her blue eyes were wide at the end of her outburst and she backed up from him just a step, quickly adding the word sir to the end.

And she expected him to hit her again, but surprisingly, the mans expression seemed calm. He simply wrapped a hand around Elizabeths wrist and pulled her to follow him as he walked. They headed back down the stairs, then found a door which lead to another flight of stairs down. It was pitch black until Kurt flipped the light on and Elizabeth looked around at the basement they stood in together. He let her wrist go, then and turned to busy himself with looking through a cabinet against the wall.

Elizabeths eyes searched for something she could use as a weapon against him as his back was turned, but to no avail. The concrete block of a room was barren of anything useful to her. She frowned and kept her eyes on his back, assessing everything he did.

Kurt finally found what he was looking for, an iron collar. He turned to face the blonde and strode toward her with it. Do you know what I paid for you, Elizabeth? Finally, he approached the girl and secured the collar around her neck, moving her hair out of the way. Kurt locked the padlock at the side of the collar, then smiled down at her, hand running along her perky tits. Exactly 200,000 dollars. Thats one fifth of a million dollars. But youre a bright one, Im sure you could figure that out yourself.

Elizabeth swallowed uncomfortably with the heavy iron around her neck. That was a lot of money. But&hellip, to who..? she asked, still confused at how this could have happened.

Lets just say, a friend of yours and I go way back, he responded vaguely to her, enjoying his game of cat and mouse. He walked around her, taking a chain from another cabinet and securing it to a hook on the concrete floor. Ill let you figure that out. Who in the world would be catty enough to bring you to me, Elizabeth? Who in the world would sell you out for a large amount of cash?

She turned to watch him secure the chain to the ground, her heart sank in her chest and she couldnt help but be distracted from the conversation he was trying to have with her. Wh-What are you doing, Sir..? she asked, an ounce of fear behind her words. And as he continued to speak, only one face popped into her mind. The realization was crushing. And she felt like a fool for having ever trusting the girl, having ever called her a friend&hellip,

Kurt must have seen the recognition on her face because he smiled, Yes. Raven. He stood before her, attaching the chain to the collar around her neck, then finally answering her, My slave needs to learn the consequences for raising her voice. I am your master. I call the shots. You have a problem with that, you are going to spend a lot of time in this cold basement sleeping like a fucking wild animal. He pressed down on her shoulders, forcing the young woman down onto her knees, then ran his hand along the side of her face, Are we clear, slut?

Elizabeth felt her heart sinking with each moment. Was he really going to leave her in here? She swallowed the lump forming in her throat and resisted the urge to cry. She complied to his silent order to get onto her knees, staring up at him. And as he ran his hand down her face, Elizabeth felt chills run down her spine. Her nipples were hard and goose bumps rose all over her soft skin. She nodded to him. He was crystal clear.

Now for your real punishment, Kurt said abruptly, walking back over to the cabinet. He pulled out a roll of duct tape and a vibrating wand, smiling widely at the face of pure fear on Elizabeths face as he came back to her and knelt beside her. Lay down on your back, he commanded. And though she hesitated, Elizabeth knew better than to deny him. From her knees, she slowly laid her back on the cold, hard floor.

Forcing her legs open, Kurt flipped the switch of vibrator onto the highest setting and stuck it between her legs right on her clit before forcing her legs closed again with it in place. Elizabeth couldnt help but to moan as the vibrator was set into place. Her pussy juices began flowing almost immediately. Then she heard the roll of tape as he unwrapped it, sticking it against her thighs. Kurt wrapped the duct tape tightly around her thighs, securing them tightly together and in turn, holding the vibrator in its place.

He then pushed Elizabeth roughly onto her side where he duct-taped her wrists together behind her back. Kurt stood, leaving the helpless girl lying on the concrete floor on her side.

Pl-Please dont leave m-me like this&hellip, she whimpered out, eyes practically rolling into the back of her head in pleasure, I-Ill do any-anything&hellip,

He smiled down at her, shaking his head, Thats cute. You have a long night ahead of you, princess. He stayed for a while, watching as her breath became ragged and her body began to squirm against the restraints. Her body tightened up after only ten minutes of having the vibrator in place, and a low moan escaped her lips. Orgasm number one of many.

After three orgasms had rocked Elizabeths body within only 45 minutes, Kurt decided it was time for him to retire for the night. He made his way up the stairs, closing the door behind him. Another 45 minutes later, he sat in his kitchen, eating supper by himself. He heard the girl as her tormented screams came from his basement.

But his place was secluded – a mile away from any neighbors. No one would hear her, save for her owner. And in all honesty, ever scream he heard only drove him to want to do more to her.


She laid there for hours on her side. The basement was cold and dark. The vibrator was humming consistently, and after the third or fourth orgasm, Elizabeth felt like shed begun to lose her mind. Her body was overcome with pleasure and discomfort all at the same time. She cried and she moaned loudly all at once.

And she prayed for an end to it. An end that wouldnt come for eight more hours of this wonderful nightmare&hellip,

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