The show

Author: Mia

24 year old Mia was sat on the fallen tree in the woods, she was fed up of being bullied by the white thugs in town and was bunking school, She saw 26 year old Steve and his mate Mark also 26 approaching but was not worried as despite being thugs never harmed her, the boys stopped asked Mia what she was doing, Mia told them bunking school, Steve put his hands inside his tracksuit trousers as he did Mia saw black pubes appear she looked, both boys walked away and out of sight , Mia was wishing she had seen more had always wanted to see a white boys dick, after a few minutes Mia saw the boys coming back both boys had their hands inside their tracksuit trousers Mia could see the pubes of both boys they stopped a few feet from Mia Steve said ” what you looking for” Mia never said anything, Mark said” you wanna see our cocks do you” Mia just looked, Steve said ” I reckon you do” then lowered hid trackies Mia’s eyes went wide when she saw Steve’s 5 inch dick and when Mark lowered his trackies showing his 7 inch dick Mia smiled said “nice” Steve said” keep watching” Mia did and was soon looking at 2 erect white dicks, Steve started to stroke his now 7inch erection then Mark started stroking his 9 inches Mia sat watching in awe and gasped when Steve fired his cum in 4 spurts, Mark stopped stroking said ” my arm is tired give me a hand” Mia got up walked over to Mark took his solid dick in her hand and started stroking it feeling it get thicker as she did after a minute or two Mark squirted in 5 long spurts, both boys wiped their dicks and left with out saying a word. Mia started to home happy at what had happened.

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