the jungle

Author: Mia

Sally was sitting in the broken down jeep in an African jungle. She had thought it to go on a tour of Africa with her boyfriend and his family would be a cool way to celebrate her 18th birthday but 5 days into the trip and the jeep broke down, it was late at night and they could not get a signal for the phones, Steve’s parents had gone back to get help but Sally knew it was about 30 mile to the nearest town and it would be hours before help arrived so she was stuck with Steve his 16 year old brother Mark and his younger sister Cindy.
Suddenly four tribesmen appeared carrying spears, Sally turned white with fear, Steve said ” it’s ok we met them last year when we were here they are friendly” he went to the men and started speaking with them, Cindy told Sally that they had spent a week with the tribe last year and Steve had learnt the langue, Steve returned to the jeep told the others they were going to the tribes village, Sally thought it would be better than being stuck out in the jungle all night and started following the others, Sally had noticed the men were only wearing loin clothes and from behind she could see 4 naked black bums, after walking through dense jungles they arrived at a clearing that had about 20 mud huts in a circle, as they arrived loads of tribe members came out the hut, Sally was surprised to see they were all naked and was surprised to see the men had large dicks including the younger boys. Sally followed Steve into a hut where they had food and a drink Sally liked the drink and drank more, before falling asleep. Sally woke to find she was alone she drank water brushed her hair.
The flaps to the hut opened and two girls who looked to about 17 entered both were naked they were followed by Cindy who was also naked Sally saw she had very erect nipples, Cindy said ” your awake come on strip and join us it is fun out there” Steve then entered he was also naked his dick standing up erect at 9 inches, he looked at Sally said ” come on join us” Sally took a drink from one of the tribe girls Mark entered naked his dick was swinging around soft at about 6 inches Sally had another drink, she saw Marks dick growing and watched as it grew to a 8 inch erection, she felt her self getting aroused and when Steve started to lift her tee shirt she did not stop him in a short while Sally was naked she followed the others outside and saw all the tribesmen were naked with erections Sally walked towards the centre of the village feeling hands rubbing her body as went she saw Steve with his dick in a girls mouth and Mark being jerked by a girl and when he squirted in 5 long spurts a big shout went up Cindy was laying on the ground being pounded by a tribesman who looked to be about 40 and she was enjoying it, Sally felt herself being lowered and saw a boy of about 16 kneeling between her open legs his dick was about 10 inches Sally gasped as it slid right up her as he pounded away there was a chant of EEE from the villagers after a few minutes a younger boy took his place, Sally climaxed a few times before the boy stood up Sally saw Mark kneeling between her legs and he was soon pounding away deep inside her, he whispered in her ears ” I been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you” after what seemed like ages about 6 different boys and men had pounded away inside Sally and she still wanted more, She saw Cindy pounded up her bum while she sucked on a boy’s dick with a girl sucking her boobs, Sally saw Steve pounding a girl who looked to be about 12 while she sucked on Marks dick . Sally felt herself being rolled onto her stomach and someone slide up her bum she looked back and saw it was a boy of about 12 an older boy slid his dick into her mouth and was soon pumping his cum down her throat Sally was rolled onto her back and to her great surprise Cindy started to lick her love tube while 2 tribe girls sucked her nipples. After a few hours Sally was back in the hut with Steve pounding her while Cindy and Mark were sucking her nipples.


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