The dark story of Jessy

Author: The devil

This story involves death. Torture. Canablisim. Rape. Blood. A lot of fucked up shit. Oh and the victims are 8, 9, and 11. So if that bothers you don’t ready. It probably should bother you. If it didn’t then your fucked up. Enjoy.

I wake up in a room I have never seen before. What happened, where am I, I’m laying on a bed, and when in try to get up. I remember. I was at the park with my brother and sister, Ben 8, Sally 9, and I am 11. I can’t get up. I’m chained down to the bed. Where is my brother and sister. The room is completely dark and I can’t see anything. After a few moments of panicking. I hear something stir next to me. I freeze listening am as hard as I can trying not to make a sound. And I hear a groan.
“Sally is that you?”
“Messy. Is that you, where are you. What happened.”
“I don’t know is Ben with you?”
“no. I’m scared messy. “
“just stay calm. I’ll think of something.” I was the leader after all. That’s when I hear a cry to my right.
“Ben is that you are you ok?”
“yeah sis, what happens my head hurts.”
“I don’t know ben.” That’s when the lights come on. And I can see we are all chained to dirt nasty looking beds. The room is filled with tons of weird looking objects and items. I first notice Sally was nude. Then ben. Then myself. Man this is not good. Just out of a horror movie my dad watches. Maybe this is some kind of prank. One that went way too far. The door opens and a man walks in. With a bloody Apron on.
“hello kids. How are we feeling.”
“let us go, this isn’t funny.”
“oh no it’s not funny.”
“just let us go.”
“now don’t be silly, I would have gone through the trouble of getting you to just let you go. No we are going to have fun. At least I will have fun.”
“please don’t hurt us, you don’t have to do this.”
“aww a talker for the group.”
He comes over and puts a ball gag on me, and tightens it hard.
Sally, “stop don’t touch her.”
“Be quite or you get one too. And yours will be special.”
Sally and Ben are both crying now. And I’m more angry then afraid.
“you Messy will be last. We shall go youngest to oldest. First Ben then Sally, and finally you.”
What’s he going to do to us. He walk over to Ben and looks down at him. And starts rubbing his penis. I fight at my chains and scream into my gag.
Sally, “stop don’t rich him.”
“I guess you did want the special one.”
Sally shrinks back and start a crying again. He walks over to a drawer and pulls out a small rubber item with a hose attached to it. And it has one of those pumps that use at the doctors office to check your blood pressure. He takes it to Sally. And tries to put it in her mouth. She turn her head and keeps her mouth shut. Bam. He slaps her hard in the face.
“the next time you fight me it won’t just be a slap.”
She is crying harder then I have ever seen her. Snot running from her nose. And he places it at her lips.
“open now, or you get to see what happens after slapping.”
So she dose just enough for him to put it in her mouth. Holding one hand over her mouth and starts to pump it up. Unroll her mouth is completely full. Jaw open wide.
“let this be an example for everyone here. If she did what I said she would have no gag. And if she didn’t fight me. This is how it would be for her. Plenty pain full. And would worsen over time. But she had to be stupid and fight me. So…”
He start pumping more and more. She is trying to scream. Fighting desperately at her chains. Pop. Her jaw dislocated. And he keeps pumping until it is tight.
“there, now if you want to fight me just look over at dear sister Sally.”
She is in terrible pain. Fighting her to get her hands to the pump, but she can’t. She looks at me with red tear filled eyes. And I start to cry. Ben is white as a ghost. Not even crying. Just in shock.
“no Ben I’m going to let you out of the bed. And you stand there while I get your knew seat ready.”
So he does. He lets him lose and stands him next to the bed. I wanted to tell him to run. Not thinking about where. But he just stands there perfectly still. The man folds the bed against the wall. And pulls up a weird wooden bench thing.
“ok Ben lie down here.”
And he dose. Then the man pulls several metal, horse shoe shaped bars. Places on on his neck. It hooks to the bench. On each uper arm. At the elbow. And wrist. The seem to be made to fit someone his size. He puts more on over his back and under his arm pits. Lower waist. Upper legs, knees, and ankles. They all close tightly with a clank.
“Ok been this is where the fun starts.”
The bench was made of many parts and can move his body to any position and lock. He spreads his legs and bends him over. He gets a wooden stick and starts hitting his but with it. Ben starts to scream.
“now Ben. Every time you scream it gets worse for you.”
Wack. Scream. Wack! Blood trickles down from the went. Scream. Wack! This time between Bens legs. I can’t see if it bled. Scream. Wack! Again between his legs. Right on his but hole. Scream. Again and again.
“your not very good at this.”
He rotates the bench. So Ben is up side down. Wack! Right on his penis. Scream. Again and again. Alternating between but hole and penis. Finally Ben dosent scream. Blood dripping from his penis.
“good boy. But that took Much to long.”
He grabs a string from the table and ties it to the base of his penis, and around his balls pulling it tight. He walks over to his desk and grabs a large 2 foot long rubber item. It’s point on one end and gets bigger as it goes. To about 6 inches around. He then puts the tip into Bens but. Shoving it in. Ben screams.
“that’s another inch.” And pushes it in a inch more. Takes him a lot of force. He screams again.
“dear dear. I thought we learned. At this rate you won’t last long. Another inch.” Deeper it goes.
Ben doesn’t cry out. So he takes the string tied to his penis and attaches it to the device. Pulling it tight to hold it in. Ben screams. As his penis is pulled back hard.
“oh no. Not another inch.” He pushes it in hard. It went more then a inch as it ripped him open.
“I knew that would happen. Such a cute boy. Too soon, too soon.” Pulls it out and it catches on the string. He pushes it back in and yanks hard. The string broke. I thought it would pull his penis right off. But the slip not is really tight. Ben is bleeding bad. He is still screaming With everything he has. He goes to his table and grabs a slender rubber item. 3 feet long. It is covers in small metal spikes.
“see girls this is why you learn. This didn’t need to happen. And now he is dieing. And as a punishment for dieing. I will make it as pain full as I can.”
He pulls out scissors from his apron. And cuts Bens balls and penis of. And shoves is spiked rod up his but. And keeps pushing it till it’s all the way in. It was fairly bendy. Grabs a drill and attaches it to the rod. And outs it in a clam the was on the bench. Turning it on. Ben screams for about 45 seconds As blood runs out of him. And then He goes still.
“take this as a lesson girls. If you don’t want to end up dead like poor Benny.” He gets him out of the bench. Pulling the rod out. The spikes were cover in bloody flesh and poop. Puts him on the bed.
“He will stay here as a reminder. Now Sally your turn.” He walks past me staring at me.
“you can’t scream. So what will we do. I have just the idea.” He pulls out a small compressor. Starched to a long rubber tube. And a cable going to it that has a switch.
“ok listen carfuly Sally. I’m going to put this up your cute bottom. And hand you this switch. It’s a fairly hard switch to push. Now if the switch is up, the compressor will turn on. And the tube will get bigger. So you need to keep it pressed. If you don’t your bottom will be less cute, and you will end up like Benny there. Do you understand?” she nods her head. So he inserts it into her. It’s not wide maybe half an inch. But about 5 feet in length. In it goes. She knew better then to fight. Only the hose coming out of her. And he hands her the switch.
“I’d get it switched soon before I turn on the compressor.” So so pushes hard on it and gets it to the bottom and releases it.
“stupid girl.” She looks at him and then to me. I try to tell her to keep it pressed, but I can’t convey the message gagged and tied up. He turns it on. A few seconds go by. And she realized her mistake. Pushing the button down, this time holding it. But I can see her straining to hold it.
“good girl. Now let’s have some fun.” He pulls out a large vibrator. Turns it on. The sound fills the room. It looks like some kind of industrial tool. He teases her pussy. With it. Every time she jerks her body. This is when I realize we are not going to make it out of here and start crying. But I can’t seem to look away. Like a train wreck before my eyes. He puts in on her belly button. It shakes her hole body. Sending waves through her skin like she was fat or something. But she was a skinny girl. Skinner then me. She lets the bottom slip for just a second. But gets it back down. He brings it down her body. To the tiny opening between her legs. She starts breathing heavy. Shaking. Her toes curled. And she arched her back. She was having an orgasm I thought. Though iv never seen a girl have one. During her fit. She drops the button to the floor. And the compressor turns on. She tries to grab it but just can’t reach. He removes the vibrator turning it off.
“Now look at what you have done. Why did you have to ruin it. You were feeling so good. And now your going to die. We know what happens to people that die on me.” She starts screaming reaching for her stomach. As he walk to one of his machine in the corner. Wheeling it over. I can see her belly rising. He places it in front of her. It is a large penis shaped dildo. But it has a large spike on the tip. And many smaller ones on the sides. He takes his scissors and opens her pussy and cuts her clit off. Putting the machine and her entrance. I think that it can’t fit in her. She is to small. Her belly rising. Her hands balled thrashing around. He turns it on. I was wrong. It went straight in her. All 8 inches of it. Instantly. And back out again. Blood rushing out. Back in it went. And I can hear her tearing inside. He leaves it on. It takes Sally longer to die. She stopped moving after about 5 minutes.
“it’s not hard to follow my directions.” He said looking at me. Walking away from Sally, leaving the machine on mutilating her.
“now don’t end up like Sally, ok sweetie. They both had a chance to live. Benny he pointed at him. Just count scream. Sally pointing at her. Her body still being jerked around by his machine, just had to hold the button, for ten minutes. Pointing to an alarm clock.” Few Seconds of him looking at it. It rang.
“now for you to survive. You just have to do what I say. As easy as that.” Can I really survive this.
“now don’t scream don’t cry, don’t say anything.” As he takes my gag off.
“good girl.” A hope building in me. He takes of my chains.
“get up out of bed.” So I do.
Walks over to Sally machine.
“this dial tells the machine how far to go. You see it on low. Turn it up all the way. She is already dead. I hesitate for a split second and do it. I don’t know how far it was going but her neck was moving. And finally it went through her neck. In and out pushing her gut up and out. And pulling some down and out. I stared blank faced as her body was being torn apart.
“now eat these.” Her clit and his penis. I swallow them. I was getting out and I was going to get my revenge.
“good. Make out with you brother.” So I did. I stuck my tongue in to his licking around. Unroll the next order. He was backed now. With a huge erect cock. 10 inches long and massive.
“here is the last order. Lay on top of your brother. Keep kissing him while I have sex with you. Both in you virgin pussy and ass hole. If you stop kissing him or fight me. You loose.” So I do it I lay atop of my dead brother. Making out with him. As he positions the beds at the right level. First was my pussy. He tore through me with no mercy. Slamming into my wall. The pain was almost too much but I held on. He kept pushing. And broke through something. My Cervix. That it. And he went balls deep. He kept at it railing me hard I was bleeding a fair amount. Holding onto Ben for support. He came in side me. Evidence. I have his DNA.
“good girl. Just keep it up. He fiddles around with stuff. About then minutes later he comes behind me. Pushes into my ass. It hurts worse as he slams all the way in to me. He is jerking me hard. I start fall ing from the bed. But I hold on to Ben. As he pulls me from the bed. Holding me to his waist. I lose him. He hits the floor.
“you loose.” And carries me out the room. Still fucking me. Carries me to a room. With a bench like bens. Puts me in it. There were 5 other men in their. They shackled me down. And I was fucked my many many men. Thousands of times. They put a tube in my thought. To feed me and put water in me. They told me it was Sally and Ben they were feeding me. Put a device in my mouth so I count shut it. They forced that sucks down my throat unroll I passed out. Each time wishing to die. They had dogs fuck me covered me in jizz. I don’t know how long I was in the bench. But I out grew it. And I was let go in a Forrest. After being cleaned up shaven. Up and down. Didn’t know I had hair down there. They said it would be worse for me to let me go. So they did. I stumbled on to a road and collapsed. A car stopped and a lady came running to me. Now in here 7 years later. I can’t live on. This note is the last thing I will do.

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