the auction

Author: mark

The year 3050 new laws had been brought in slavery had been reintroduced and 16 year old Cindy was sat in the back of the car with her 10 year sister June while her dorky 14 year old half brother Simon was sat in the front, Cindy hated him and wish he was gone. June asked where they were going and Cindy told her to the slave house as mum wanted a new slave, Cindy also told her she would see naked boys and under the rules could try them out. The car pulled up outside a big warehouse that Cindy knew was the slave house, she saw her step brothers dorky friends and a few boys from her school as well as the boy who lived next door. They all got out the car and went into the building, while Cindy’s mum spoke with the manager Cindy sat with June, after a few minutes Cindys mum returned, a door marked New Slaves opened and a man came out called out
” come this way Cindy” Cindy said ” that is for slaves I am viewing with my mum”
Cindy’s mum looked at her and said ” I am fed up with your bullying and temper tantrums you cost me a fortune in fines and damages so I have sold you” the guard at the door grabbed Cindy pulled her through the door, as she went she heard Simon call ” see you in a bit Cindy” once though the door Cindy was placed in handcuffs with her hands behind her back and her ankles shackled then a strap placed over her mouth, she was forced to hop to the reception, the guard yelled newbie, Mandy who was from her class at school and worked part time at the centre appeared said ” I will prepare her” Cindy looked at Mandy in horror knowing she was a lesbian who she had beat up a few times, Mandy smiled produced a sharp knife and cut Cindy’s jumper off followed by her tee shirt and jeans then her bra and panties leaving her naked, Mandy said” nice tits started to rub them adding ” I thought you wore padding but they sure are big and you got a nice hairless cunt ” and rubbed it, Mandy sucked on Cindy’s nipples causing them to become erect then slid her fingers right up inside Mandy and started pushing in and out after a few minutes she felt Cindy become moist, Mandy carried on pushing in and out while sucking her nipples, Mandy felt Cindy gush and smiled said ” you enjoy that bitch, Mandy called out ” one newbie ready, two guards appeared carried Cindy down a corridor and strapped her to a bench with her legs overhanging the edge. After a few minutes Colin appeared with a mate, Colin smiled said ” high bitch nice tits” and rubbed them then undid his jeans” Cindy looked down saw his 6 inch erection and closed her eyes, Colin stepped forward and pushed right up into Mandy and started to pound into her after a few minutes he pulled out said ” I wanted to fuck you for ages” he stood back and his mate took his place and was soon pounding away on a helpless Cindy, Cindy saw her 12 year old neighbour and a few boys from her class stood all with their erect dicks in hands, Cindy looked to the side and saw her 17 year old boyfriend tied to a bed his nine inch erection being stroked by her 10 year old sister Jane, Jane looked at Cindy said ” I know what happens here I been here before with Colin”


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