Author: mandy

Joe was in his neighbours house speaking to the single mum of 14 year old Cindy and 16 year old Sally, he was complaining about the girls bad mouthing him calling him a black bastard and other such names, the mum was in her normal half drunk state, she took a swig from her bottle of gin just as Cindy walked in, Cindy looked at Joe and said ” what is that black pervert doing here ” her mum told her to watch her mouth ” Cindy just retorted ” he is a pervert he pervs on us he is a cunt” Cindy’s mum grabbed her said ” your for it ” and pushed Cindy over the table, Cindy knew what was coming and screamed ” no mum not in front of him he is a perv” Cindy’s mum grabbed Cindy’s skirt and pulled it right off her followed by her panties and started to spank her bare bum, Joe watched feeling his 60 year old dick going solid in his trousers, when her mum finished Cindy stood up Joe looked straight at her hairless slit and smiled, Cindy ran from the room crying. A couple of hours later Joe went to his neighbours Cindy was sat in just a gown her mum drunk from the Gin Joe had given her, Cindy felt safe knowing her mum would not remember anything when she sobered up so Cindy told Joe to fuck off and get out, Joe looked at her mum said ” you hear that” Cindy’s mum slurred ” you spank her” Joe grabbed Cindy who cried out “no” Joe pulled Cindy’s gown cords open and forced the gown off the struggling girl leaving her naked, he sat pulled Cindy over his knee looked at her mum who was now snoring, Joe rubbed his hand gently over Cindy’s bum saying ” your bum looks to cute to spank” Cindy said ” you cunt leave me” and struggled as she did she felt the stiffness of his dick through his trousers said ” you perv you got a fucking hard on” Joe slid his hand between Cindy’s legs and ran his fingers over the lips of her love hole, Cindy jumped tried to break free but could not, she then felt Joe’s finger slide up her and screamed ” you cunt” Joe started pushing his finger in and out getting in deeper each time and soon felt the juices start to flow, he felt Cindy relax let go off her arm and start to rub her boobs feeling her erect nipples which he squeezed between his finger and thumb Cindy was now moaning loudly and pushing against Joe’s fingers loving what was happening after a few more minutes Cindy moaned very loudly as she climaxed Joe carried on and after a few minutes Cindy Climaxed a second time then a fourth and 5th. Joe stopped, looked at Cindy who had a dazed look in her eyes, washed his hands and went to his own house.

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