How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

A few months ago, a beautiful girl moved into that old house at the end of the alley.
Since she happened to attend the same college course as Lawrence’ younger sister Jennifer,
it hadn’t taken too long for her and Jennifer to become best friends.
Lawrence’ hadn’t come to know much about her, other than seeing and greeting her every now and then at the local supermarket.

Now the day had finally come when Jennifer had persuaded her older brother to come with her, because she wanted to introduce him
to that girl.
“Vessy, right ? That’s her name ? I remember you called her ‘Vessy’, whenever you were talking to her on your phone.” Lawrence asked
Jennifer, as they were about to approach Vessy’s garden gate.
“Yeah, Lawrence, her name is Vessy.” Jennifer answered. “Let’s hurry on, the gate to her mansion is over there !”
Once they had arrived at Vessy’s garden gate, they saw a newspaper box with a nameplate.
“Vescenda Pueris ?!” Lawrence read the name aloud. “What a wonderful name ! So that’s her full name, right, Jennifer ?”
“Yeah, Lawrence. ‘Vescenda Pueris’ is Vessy’s full name.” Jennifer nooded. “But she prefers it if we just call her ‘Vessy’, ok, Lawrence ?”
“Will do, Jennifer !”

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