Author: mandy

Cindy was walking down the road towards Mark’s house, she had a file in her hand that she had to deliver to him, Cindy hated Mark he was 14 years old 2 years younger than her and was hated, he had been suspended from school for fighting so Cindy was delivering homework for him.
Mark was standing at the kitchen window waiting for Cindy, he had been talking to her ex boyfriend had learnt a few things about Cindy and was hopeful.
Cindy opened the gate and went into the back garden as she walked down the garden path she saw Mark through the window and saw he was naked, Cindy was surprised at the size of his dick which hung down at about 7 inches Cindy knocked on the door and waited, Mark opened the door with a towel wrapped round his waist, he let Cindy in, Cindy followed Mark to the living room and was surprised when Mark said ” what were you looking through the window for have a good look at my cock did you” Cindy replied ” I did not know you were naked”
Mark said ” yeah your a fucking peeping tom hoping to catch me wanking off were hoping to see me shooting my spunk were you” Cindy just stood there Mark added ” bet you go round watching boys wanking and watching as they slide their hard cocks up their girlfriends cunts bet you finger fuck yourself as you watch, Mark saw pokies in Cindy’s blouse and knew what her ex had told him about Cindy getting excited by dirty talk was true, Cindy saw the bulge in Mark’s towel Mark said ” what you trying to do have another look at my cock” Cindy said ” sorry I did not mean to stare” Mark said ” look at the way your nipples are pointing out you need a good fucking” he dropped his towel Cindy gasped as she saw Mark’s 9 inch erection bob up, Mark said ” you want my cock don’t you, you want it right up your cunt don’t you” Cindy was feeling very horny and when Mark squeezed her pokies she never flinched, Mark said ” yeah your dying to feel my cock sliding in and out of your cunt ain’t you” and started rubbing Cindy’s boobs over her blouse before saying ” you got good tits lets have a look at them ” and started to undo her blouse opening it wide then saying ” why do you bitches wear a bra” he saw the clip at the front undid it letting the bra fall open, Mark said ” oh yeah look at those tits” he bent forward and started to suck on Cindy’s nipples sliding her blouse and bra off then reaching behind her unclipping her skirt letting it fall to the floor, he looked at Cindy said ” get those off ” Cindy was to horny not to and was soon standing naked and when Mark told her to get on the floor and open her legs Cindy did as she was told and when Mark knelt and started to push his fingers in and out of her she squirmed and when he slid his throbbing erection right up her Cindy moaned out loud, after a few minutes Mark was pounding away deep and hard into Cindy and smiled as he felt her gush but carried on pounding glad he had taken Viagra, after about 15 minutes Mark had felt Cindy gush 3 more times before pulling out and squirting his cum up her belly and onto her face. Mark pulled out lay beside Cindy who was panting, he stood up told Cindy where the bathroom was and admired her cute bum as she went out the room. Mark went into the kitchen and a few minutes later heard Cindy in the lounge he went in said ” you were a good fuck” Cindy smiled said ” it was good” Mark watched as Cindy dressed and when she had asked him not to tell anyone and he had promised not to tell Cindy said ” I will bring you your homework tomorrow and left.

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