Author: mark

Cindy was babysitting for the Indian family next door to her at 16 she was 4 years older than the boy she was looking after who was in his room with his cousins who were all 10, one of the cousins came in said to Cindy ” show me your tits” Cindy looked at him and told him no your to young, the boy looked said ” in my country boys rule you girls obey us” Cindy told him to get stuffed, the other boys came in and all jumped on Cindy and dragged her on to the floor and held her down, Cindy tried to fight back but could not as there was to many boys, she felt her jumper being raised then heard a boy say ” look she aint got a bra on look at those tits” Cindy felt her boobs being rubbed then her jeans being undone and slid down along with her panties and off and fingers slide up her love hole her jumper was pulled right off she was now naked with little Indian boys sucking her boobs and fingering her love hole after a few minutes Cindy climaxed the boys continued having their fun making Cindy climax twice more, she then heard a boy shout they are back and ran off Cindy dressed, the parents came in, as she was leaving the man patted her bum said ” I hope the boys taught you who is in charge, Cindy smiled said ” yes they did” and walked to the garden where she saw her best mate Jane, Jane asked Cindy who she had sat, when Cindy told her Jane said ” you know who is charge” Cindy just looked Jane said ” it’s ok they did me as well made me cum 5 times both girls laughed Cindy said ” they are only kids” Jane said “yeah but it was fun I liked up” Cindy laughed said ” yeah it was cool that must mean we are pedo” Jane walked off down the road. Next day after school both girls were sitting in the woods after school talking when 2 indian boys from their class appear the boys looked at the girls and one said ” show us your tits” the girls looked at each other then undid their blouses and lifted their bra’s showing their naked boobs , both boys rubbed them then said be at the shop tonight, the girls adjusted their clothes said ok as theboysleft.

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