My Girlfriend Michelle:

Author: Norman B

I met this girl where I was working. I was a hotel Dj and I used to host parties there and supplied the music. While I was there I noticed this girl also who worked the front desk. her name was Michelle. She was very attractive looking in her early 20,s I couldn,t help noticeing her and the way she looked dressed up in her hotel uniform. That tight dress was an eye catcher.
Her hair was jet black that went with her gothic white skin which I admired, she had an average body with a nice large bust and wore alot of makeup. I couldn,t help noticeing her when i was working there. I must have seen her daily. She drew my attention and I was around her age to in my early 20,s.
So one day I was doing a show and she would drop by with some other girls who also worked with her. She was very noticeble with her thick red lipstick on and her red painted nails. I couldn,t help taking my eyes off her. I also noticed she wore black seamed nylon stockings with her 7″ high heels that she wore. I nearly lost my mind. Being a Dj meeting the opposite sex or anyone wasn,t to hard for me.
I noticed as I was playing my records she was watching me as I was also gazing upon her as well. I wonder if she was thinking the same as I was. So I went over to her table and said to her my name is Norman I do Djing here at the hotel and I noticed that you also worked here at the same hotel. So we chatted as she looked at me and I looked at her. I complimented her on her looks. I even asked her for a dance as i put on a slow dance record. She excepted and we danced together on the floor. I held her soft white hand in mine and smelled her perfume on. I told her how attractive you look to me and I liked what I see. She liked the compliment. So we made conversation and she stayed till the end of the dance until I packed up and we went out after for a late coffee the two of us Michelle and me. We talked for a whie and found out we had some things in common as we went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhood.
In my mind all the time was that I wanted to make love to her so badly but I had to control myself.The sexual urge was building up between us. we spoke alot and one thing lead to another as we made our way back. She said why don,t you come back to my apt for a drink. It was past 2am I said ok. My car was parked on the hotel lot and I drove her home to her apt.
She lived by her self on the 10th floor. Not to far from where the hotel was it was a cozy one bedroom apt furnished alright. Balcony with a good view from the 10th floor.
micele-sexy-girl-in-hotelWe eneterd Michelles apt and we sat on the couch in her living room with some drinks and we talked. The conversation got more detailed as she was interested in me and my looks as I was the same to with her. I told her how I liked the way she looked and dressed. I told her you have a beautiful face to kiss and soft hands to hold. We both had no one so she was carried away as well as me to. The drinks were getting to our heads which helps at these moments.
We sat together on the couch she wanted to make herself more comfortable so she said im going to change my clothes so you just sit here and help yourself to another drink. The clock was ticking away but time didin,t matter to me at this point. I waited patiently for her to come out of her bedroom where she was changing. I had no idea what she was going to wear.
Then Michelle came out of the bedroom dressed in a black sheer neglisee with high heels on and thick red lipstick on. You could see her black seamed stockings with a black garterbelt under her sheer neglisee. My Penis was hard as a rock I couldn,t contrrol myself looking at her lovely erotic body. I told her how I was feeling and she also said the same to me.
She sat next to me on the couch crossed legs and you could see her stockings exposed with her garterbelt. We started to kiss and cuddle one another I told her how much I loved her this way as I stroked her hair wiith my fingertips. We kissed very heavy as I felt her soft large white breasts against my chest. I had some of her lipstick on my lips to.I couldn,t get enough of her so we both made our way to her bedroom to finalized this erotic affair between us.

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