Cuming inside

Author: Israel Wiggins

Last week I was in my pool and I had a visitor come over. Jayden, my neighbor from next door called and asked to join me in my pool. I told her that she is welcome anytime. Shortly after I got wet, Jayden came through the gate wearing a bikini that looked like a rebel flag.

Jaydenwanr pussy sucking and licking

She is thick and I love seeing her with her chubby pussy pushing out of her bottoms and her grapefruit titties with only the nipples covered. She dove into the water and came up right in front of me. She said that her husband Ted has to work late and she is needing to be pleasured sexually now. That’s when I watched her take off her top and bottom throwing them to the deck. I took her in my arms and we kissed deeply. Then I let her remove my shorts getting me naked too. Fingering her pussy while I sucked her nipples hard. She said we should go to the deck. But I took her inside my house and to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed and spreading her legs opened wide, I got my mouth on her pussy sucking and licking her juices as I fingered both of her holes.
Next I slipped into her pussy filling her full of my cock. In and out thrusting deeply with each and every time I pounded into the wet, hot honey hole between her legs. For over thirty minutes we made love together with us cuming together with the third orgasm she had.

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