Author: mandy

18 year old Mark was in the school toilets at the urinal he was getting verbal abuse from other boys because he was gay, a teacher came in and all the other boys left, the teacher told Mark to hurry up and left, 16 year old Steve entered Mark got worried Steve was a local thug and school bully who gave Mark no end of hassle, Mark waited for the normal verbal abuse and was surprised when none came and was totally surprised when Steve stood at the urinal unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out, Mark could not resist looking at Steve’s 7 inch hairy dick, after a minute Steve zipped up left. Mark left as he walked down the corridor he saw Steve snogging with his girlfriend, Mark walked on and to his next lesson. On his way home from school Mark boarded the train knowing the carriage would be empty and that he had a hour of quiet bliss till the next station which was his stop, to his surprise Steve got on wearing his football gear. The train left the station Mark sat expecting grief from Steve but none came, Mark saw Steve stand and he noticed a big tent in Steves shorts and knew he was erect, Mark watched as Steve produce jeans and teen shirt from his bag then remove his football jumper turn his back and took his shorts off, Marks eyes went wide when he saw Steve had no underwear on and his naked bum was on show and when he turned round Mark caught his breath he was looking at Steve’s naked front and his dick which was standing up fully erect at 9 inches, Steve looked at Mark then walked down the carriage and stood in front of Mark his dick was throbbing he said to Mark ” you tell anybody anything and your dead” Mark said ” dont worry I dont say owt” Mark sat looking at Steve’s throbbing dick Steve said ” are you just going to look at my cock or do something with it” Mark took it in his hand and started to stroke it then started to suck it and rub Steves bum at the same time after a few minutes Steve pulled his dick out and shot his cum in 5 long spurts then walked back to his clothes wiped his dick and dressed. Mark could hardly believe what had happened. At the station Steve got off the train to be met by his girlfriend they had a chat, Steve went to Mark said to him ” be by the fountin in the park at 7 tonight before walking off with his girlfriend who looked back at Mark and smiled.


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