Enjoying the moment

Author: Israel Wiggins

The first time trying new things with my girlfriend and her brother.
The first week of July I went camping with my girlfriend and her brother. Heather was seventeen and her brother Luke was sixteen and I was seventeen. I drove my truck and we three went to the lake for a few days. We got there Friday morning and set up the family size tent and everything else too. Then we got into the boat and went fishing. Shortly after a hour Heather said that she was ready to go back and I took us to our camp.

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Luke was getting fire wood and I was laying in the tent with Heather playing around rubbing on her pussy. Getting naked and I started licking and sucking on her pussy. She was moaning and Squirming around as I made her have a orgasm. Moving between her legs and I slipped into her pussy fucking her deeply with my seven inches of cock. All of a sudden Luke was coming in the tent and he was naked. He said that we can keep fucking while he got dressed. I was pounding in her pussy and I felt a hand on my ass. Looking back I saw Luke rubbing KY jelly on my ass hole and his cock too. Next I cumed inside Heather.
Luke asked to join us and we let him. He took out a dildo from a bag and pushed it in my ass and started fucking me. Then I did something for the first time. I got my mouth on his cock and sucked his cock in and out until I felt his cum in my mouth. We fucked together all weekend and loved it too.

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