Enjoying it both ways

Author: Israel Wiggins

I’ve always enjoyed sex with any woman who is into it as much as I am. No matter how we have to go about pleasuring each other just as long as we can do it and we enjoy it as we are doing it.
But through the years I have been thinking of trying new things with new people. I don’t mean fucking new women that I have not been with, I am talking about crossing the line and feeling the feelings that happen when a man pleasures another man. A man sucking a man and being fucked by that same man. Or it going the way I had it go for me.
A guy I met on a hook up site contacted me. We texted back and forth between us the first night and half the next day. Then I made the first call, and he said hello. I was speechless at that point, but I spoke to him. We talked to each other that whole day. Later that evening I drove the fifty miles to the place where he was living. Met at a public place and we sat there talking about the things that we were looking for in the other person. After some time we decided to go see a movie together. In the movie we sat in the back row away from any other person. Started off holding hands and I began to feel his leg with my hand. He leaned over to me and all of a sudden we kissed. It wasn’t like a kiss between a girl and me. This kiss we shared had new feeling that I have never had before. Hell I liked it too. By this moment we are getting really excited for each other with our hands on places they have never felt before. We left the movie and I drove us to a motel room he told me about. In the room we are back at the same things that we have been doing since the movies.
We undressed each other and ourselves as well. Naked in the bed together I was trying new things that I have been dreaming about all the time before this moment. I sucked his cock and he sucked my cock. We both are cum from each other. Then he said he was a bottom and I was going to fuck him in his ass hole and I done it too. I looked at him and I still remember the look we shared while we made love together. I have another way of getting pleasure and giving pleasure that is different from the first way of doing it that I use to do with girls. Now I can say I’m bisexual and I love getting and giving sex with girls and guys.

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