Daily lovers

Author: Israel Wiggins

I’m LeeAnn and my husband Will and I decided to spice up our love life. First Will talked me into letting another female join us for a three some. It was great and I enjoyed eating her pussy and I was fully pleasured by Will the same as she was.
A few months after that night, we decided we would like a man to spend a night in our bed with us. I got to choose the man. I chose our real true friend Alex who lives next door to us. We discussed it with Alex and he wouldn’t do it. After we asked him a couple different times, he finally said he would. But he said that the three of us would keep everything to us only. Next he said he had a secret to share with us that nobody else knew about.
Alex told about his love life and I was shocked at the things I heard. Alex is really a man who fucks both male and female. Also he gives and received cock with a man.
Next he said that Will and he would take turns being the bottom and top as they have sex together.
The night came and both men pleasured me more than one girl can handle.
Then I watched as Will slowly sucked his first real cock and I noticed that Will enjoyed it a lot too.
Alex was feeling the inside of my husband’s ass with his cock. He fucked Will for a while before he cumed inside the hole. The next thing was that Will fucked Alex. We had the most wonderful time together and since then we are together for sex two or three times a week.

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