Boys will be Boy’s

Author: Israel Wiggins

Growing up around our family farm kept us busy with work different times of the day. But we always found a way to have a good time doing whatever it was that day. I’m, Chris and I have a twin sister Christine and we are thirteen months younger than our brother Corey.
About the time we were almost old enough to drive without any adults in the truck, Corey and us twins were really liking the new stuff we’re doing together. Playing around with each other doing special things to each other caused us to explore other options for pleasure.
We have a swimming hole in the creek behind the farm where we spent most of our lives there. Our parents very seldom came there. Just us kids doing what we wanted to do.
On one afternoon Corey and I got to the creek before our sister. She didn’t get there for about a hour and half after us. After us boys cooled off in the water, we were laying on the grass in the sun. Talking about sex like we did all the time.
We had already been pleasuring the other, sucking and feeling the other one. And our sister let us fuck her too. But this day just us two boys doing things together being Brothers trying you ideas. I leaned over licking up and down Corey’s cock. After getting my lips around the head of it I suck and the his seven and a half inches.
As I was doing that Cory was rubbing my cock and balls and fingering my ass hole. I noticed that I was lubed up with something he was putting on me. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was about to fuck me. Then I would fuck him. We did it too.
Hurting at first but I was really liking the feelings that I felt being fucked with his cock fully inside of me. After he cumed inside of my ass, I got my turn to be inside of his ass hole. I was enjoying myself very much and I cumed inside of him too. But I kept fucking his ass hole, I never pulled out until I got my second nut.
We have continued to pleasure each other our whole lives even after all of us got families.

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